The British Parliament could not agree on an Alternative to the Brexit-the agreement of the Prime Minister Theresa May. Different variants of a closer connection to the EU, the deputies rejected in the late evening as a second Referendum, or a exit without any agreement.

a Total of eight Alternative proposals to the Brexit-the agreement of the Prime Minister Theresa May standing in the evening to vote. For members of the government had temporarily taken control of the agenda in the lower house. With these trend-setting votes, the Parliament wanted to explore what Alternative there is a majority. The next Monday had reserved the members for their purposes.

May is now allowed to hope again, but still get a majority for Brexit agreement. For this they would abandon in the near future, her office, how May announced on Wednesday. You will not lead in this case, the next Phase of the Brexit negotiations, said May, in a speech to members of her Conservative party on Wednesday.

Brexit negotiations

Theresa May sacrifice itself – and thus makes the insane Chaos a little bit insane

By Michael Streck

“I’m prepared to leave this Post earlier than intended, to do the Right thing for our country and for our party.” You know that there is also the desire for a new leadership – “I’m not in the way”. The exact timing for your resignation May not be called, however.

Kracht United Kingdom on the 12. April from the EU?

last weekend reports about a possible interim successor had been speculated in the media. For this purpose, the EU-friendly Deputy Prime Minister, David Lidington, and the Brexit supporters and the environmental Minister, Michael Gove count. Both were of the Prime Minister, but extremely loyal.

Originally, should Britain leave this Friday, the community of States. Offered Brussels to London recently, a shift in the Brexits to 22. May. Condition for this is that the consents under the house to the exit of the contract this week. Otherwise, the extension applies only to the 12. April. In the case of London, the EU should say prior to this appointment, how to go on.

Should exit the United Kingdom without the agreement of the EU, is expected to have dramatic consequences for the economy and many other areas of life.