foreign Minister Heiko Maas has the Bundestag to a broad range of support for the extension of the on 31. March end-of-mandate for the deployment of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan called.

At the same time, the SPD politician thanked in Mazar-i-Sharif, the soldiers at Camp Marmal on Monday for their dedication and commitment. To leave the country at the present time would mean that everything that was Built “would very quickly collapse in on itself”. He could, however, also understand that after nearly 18 years, many of the questions, what are the forecasts for the future of Afghanistan.

Germany is involved in the Nato training mission Resolute Support, with up to 1300 soldiers. The Nato and allied States in training Afghan security forces, which have come under considerable pressure from the radical Islamic Taliban fighters.

reports that US President Donald Trump wants a partial withdrawal of American soldiers from the country, have catered to the ally for uncertainty and anger. The U.S. government hopes that before the presidential election in Afghanistan by the end of July an agreement with the Islamist Taliban. The insurgents now control strokes again vast land.