It was once thought otherwise, at that time, when we arrived some years ago in London and as the UK is still a reasonably stable and happy country, the City is drawn from the financial crisis, in the wastewater, but so many of the cocaine found tracks like nowhere else in Europe, also because the bankers were celebrating again excessive and koksten and the only admission of something like shame was to Park the Ferrari in the garage. And Yes, of course, in retrospect, it was these supposedly carefree years, all of which, including us, that are hidden about the true state of the Nation. That’s because the Crash responsible got away with it and made it carry on as if nothing had happened.

It is the Usual, the hard Working and needy, the people on the edge, and this was – I can say today – the beginning of what would culminate in the Brexit, the division of the country, and the almost inevitable enthronement of the Polit-Clowns, Boris Johnson, met. That blue morning in June, after the Referendum in 2016, at which a majority of the British withdrawal from the EU agreed to lay a deaf pain in our little house in the North of the city, and a consternation, months and actually years nested.


Marching to go: In March, to run, waving and ranting Englishman in a big protest March for the Brexit

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Gina Miller in the Brexit-Chaos

The most hated woman in Britain

By Michael Streck The Brexit will change everything

But all of this we didn’t realize in the spring of 2014. Prior to this eternity of five years, we thought very seriously about may be old in this country, in the my wife was pulled as a child, where she grew up and loved her dearly, with all its follies and foibles, and the Pomp and rites and Royals; in which our two daughters studied and lived, and many good friends, including the oldest friend of the woman: Liz.

they played together, then they traveled together, finally, they studied for a long time together, later their ways parted, and then they found themselves again in the city of your heart, because that’s exactly the were come to London and England for my wife: home. Home.

Liz is English and European, through and through, although she has a Dutch passport. You could breed a pattern-European, it would be you: born in Paris, raised in London, studied in England, Germany and Sweden. Also lived and learned in Italy, where she met her husband. She speaks five languages fluently, her son has an Italian passport, goes to the German school, at home, talking about Dutch or English or German or Italian. It doesn’t matter.

Why all this?

Liz had to be in London old. But then the Brexit came, and with the Brexit, the uncertainty came, and with the uncertainty, the feeling came that have moved things around since that blue Morning in June 2016. You feel this growing sense of unease and hear and read things about foreigners that are unspeakable, but now unspeakably: “We’re out of Europe, what are you doing here?” The daily racism, evidenced by a fresh national study, has significantly increased.

This is so weird, because it was so different. The European dullness was absent the British, and now there is this unusual sharpness. Previously, you have hemmed and hawed and extruded, today it is puked out: “Pakistani pussy”, “Learn first reasonable English!”, homophobic Assaults in Bus and trains, even in the supposedly liberal London. Such Things.

That’s what makes it so hard.

Liz no longer wants to be in England old. Even her 92 years old mother Martha said the other day, she was ready to go.

That happened in those years: A conservative government inherited from their predecessors after the financial crisis, a trillion pounds of debt, and to repay them with a ruthless austerity policy at the expense of the people tried – with cuts in police, fire, and public facilities. A weak Opposition, whose Chairman, Jeremy Corbyn stuck ideologically in the ‘ 70s remained. A Nation divided as never before, in the just half of the population professes a Religion, 87 percent question but, according to your preference in the Europe of the two tribes to Leave or Remain attributed to the want be. An island, on the origin and class belonging to careers to decide. Two parliamentary elections, two referendums, three of the Prime Minister.

On the ill-fated David Cameron with his ill-fated Referendum, the unfortunate Theresa May was followed by rose, the “Brexit means Brexit” to the Mantra and verhob. Why now, with Johnson a charlatan Downing Street will refer to the this wonderful country seeing eye on the cliffs is heading. The UK is on the way, to be an ordinary Nation.

How could this happen?

the UK: The long goodbye – Britain in pictures Fullscreen

Royal: Chinese tourists, it’s a crown put on themselves – for the real Royal experience

©Olivia Harris longing for the Broad Church

A cold day in the spring. It is the Morning, there are seven members left in Protest of the Labour Party, the Independent Group reasons, the rise later in the party to Change the UK and after the European elections again will implode. Policy is a breathless, real-time acts as a time lapse.

On this day, now a lot of was only of a departure and more of a broad church the speech. Broad church is untranslatable, it is not necessarily a religious term, but a very warm and beautiful. He says so much as “everything under one roof”. In television and Radio commentators talked about the fact that the major parties were in danger of frittering away your broad church Status.

More than two-thirds of Britons feel that the major parties no longer represented. This is the sad truth, and this explains the success of Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party, not pretending to be in the first place, policy, and their Manifesto of just one sentence is: to get Out of the EU! Many of the ranges. This explains at the same time, the Appeal of Johnson in the conservative electorate, the charm and chutzpah the lack of Know-how concealed.

“Broadchurch” was also the title of a very successful crime series. The series is set in the fictional Town of Broadchurch in Dorset, and her title could not be double-bödiger. In this cute, quaint town on the lake, almost everyone has his own Agenda, almost everyone has a small and mostly dark secret. Under the surface the supposed villagen harmony to do abysses as deep as the gigantic limestone cliff above the beach.

travel, food, and customs

What can we expect to follow in the event of No-Deal-Brexits to “extremely expensive and destructive”

DPA Broad Church, that is, Cohesion

The series was also a broad church, because the Nation is closed in front of the screen gathered and watched in front of you a perfect world fell apart. In real life Broadchurch West Bay. And in real life, the County was split in 51 (Leave) to 49 (Remain), it was bitter and competitive.

the mayor of The municipality is Barry Irvine, a Liberal and a mediator who is proud of his small town and the culture. He is originally from Belfast in Northern Ireland and worked as a vicar in the Shankill Road, close to the demarcation line between Protestants and Catholics. He left his home in 1980, worn down by civil war. He moved to Nottinghamshire, and from there to Derbyshire, and finally, love took him to the shore and to this place which is famous for the production of Fischer – and goal nets, of which the most famous in Wembley hung out at the legendary 1966 world Cup final against Germany.

Barry is surprised about this England, his new home, the torn now and fractious acts like Belfast used to be. He wants to return to the common ground, the lost, and the fear that the populists hijack this broke country. The old vicar Irvine is back broad church.

From the center to the edge

Dudley town in the Midlands, and on the edge of this town of the Black Country Living Museum is a Museum village with old colonial shops and a blacksmith, a tailor, which strengthens the shirts, and employees in Victorian clothes. There are some of these villages in the UK. They are popular and make, apparently, a nerve. It is a bit like the British back to the dreaming in the time of the Empires.

On a Saturday, an old double-Decker bus purring through the streets, in front of the Fish’n’Chips Shop, the queue of people, while the school bell is ringing to class, and the visitors there for a half an hour from the village teacher to Minna to make. Later, it is still a bit of a war, men in uniforms from the First world war marching snappily over the cobblestones. On a field, adults and children practice hand grenades may throw.

Past or past Beliefs is again en vogue. The “Guardian” wrote, the Nation had developed culturally back. “We were the Land of films like ‘My beautiful launderette’ and ‘Trainspotting’ and the Land of ‘The King’s are now Speech’, ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘Darkest Hour’.” The Zeitgeist of today comes from the Ghost of yesterday. You meet in London is a clever writer who has written a novel about the state of the soul of his country. The book is called “Middle England” and plays in the middle of England, and of its author, Jonathan Coe comes from. A mild man in his late 50 with grey hair and a soft voice, he says amazingly sharp things. Coe says he has written this book because a friend said that he voted because of people like Coe for the Brexit, the people that he holds for the elites. Elite remote in this case means reality.

“We are experiencing a cultural break”

Only, of all things, this Jonathan Coe is anything but reality. He grew up in Birmingham, he knows the shopping streets with their cheap chain necklaces, the barricaded Windows and the empty market halls. He knows all of this. He knows this country, and yet he recognizes it, sometimes not.

Jonathan Coe says: “We are experiencing a cultural break. Brexit is only a substitute and Synonym for something much more Fundamental: a feeling, which stands for English Exceptionalism, Anti-Establishment, nationalism and a revolt against political correctness.” If he travels on a reading tour of the country, he meets these angry people, “a lot of pissed off, angry people”. People who think the political System is broken. Coe agrees in this point with you, but not with the consequences.

Before Leaving

IRA – the old ghosts are back in Northern Ireland

By Michael Streck

He speaks with a soft voice in a gentle Rage: “to understand these people, I need to look at only the Numbers of the homeless, the increase in the number of soup kitchens, the increase in poverty, the growing mistrust. We go through a family dispute between the Right and left, cities, and province, Educated and Non-Educated. The Brexit has made that even more visible. But the feeling was always there. I don’t see no harmony in the next 15 to 20 years. This is a question of decades.” For him as an artist that is actually good, “Middle England” is his most successful book. But as a person, he feels like once under Maggie Thatcher. “You know,” says Coe, “we Brits have a great literary tradition. This of course has to do with the quality of the authors, but at the same time, a mirror that we are as a country is pretty fucked, because the company supplied for ages with this Material.”

the Coe has just applied for a new passport. He hopes that the EU stars on it.


Jess Phillips is a Labour MP and in the best sense of the extraordinary woman. She laughs even then, if you are offended or death is threatened. You don’t get small. She has already experienced too much and know how despair feels, her brother, was for many years a heroin addict.

The people in your constituency to worship you. The Right despise you. In 2016, the Ukip candidate Carl Benjamin said he would not want to rape the Phillips times. Now he put again. Benjamin not apologized explicitly for this insane derailment and did it as a Satire. The outrage threshold is now pretty high in the UK.


Banksy’s comment on Brexit: a house full of chimpanzees

Jess Phillips, 37, is for three years, members of Parliament and a rising Star. She was on the Cover of the magazine “the Times” , it knows neither friend nor enemy, when it comes to the thing. It gets thinner on Twitter also against their party boss, Jeremy Corbyn, has distanced itself today from the anti-Semitic currents in his party. At the next election, the British expected to be between a altsozialist of ideologues and policy-actor Johnon decide.

Phillips receives in their small parliamentary office, it is late. Your assistant Olenka had previously counted today’s hate mail. Four. That is about the average. Once there were 600 threats in one night, everything is online. Phillips bounces on Sneakers to the office; she has a cigarette is a solid, dark voice and sucks on an E -. She says that she has come in Faith to Westminster to meet more normal colleagues. People who speak clearly like you and know how people live out there in the country and what is bothering you.

“But this Illusion I lost.” She has also, therefore, this rousing rhetoric, so that the colleagues will Wake up occasionally at least. At the beginning of the year, you gave a stunning speech in the house of Commons, they appealed to the good sense of members and the responsibility she spoke, and said, got a lot of approval on the net and in letters, even from Germany, but the house emptied anyway.

Can Jess out of the Chaos something Good to grow your country? “Of course,” she says. “Never waste a crisis! The people are the political, is the good per se.” Phillips is threatened and bepöbelt. There is probably nothing Britischeres, than to take even that with a sense of Humor. She says Humor to help her always. “Overall, we are an amusing bunch. If you make people Laugh can, you simply disarm you. This is an incredibly powerful tool.” And it is, as it would in this Moment a bit brighter.

Goodbye and good luck

The British can do a lot better than the German. Play recently better football and is now the penalty even. Your TV is ahead of the German light years. And your Humor is actually incomparable.

We will miss her very much, this not-to-learn hand-to-hand. We will miss the tremendous friendliness of the people, the increase, if it leaves London towards the North, Liverpool and Manchester, where complete strangers open up to the visitors to the house and help with Wi-Fi in case of emergency, and the uninvited guest to the station, chauffeured by a built-in Beatles-Tour, “here lived Ringo and in the back John”. We will miss the coast and the cliffs, the villages, the gardens and Parks, falls the rain, the gentle than on the continent.

Damn, what are we going to miss that. Even our little house, in truth, an overpriced dump, but to the hostel for the youth of the world, the friends and Girlfriends of daughters: Canada, Italy, USA, new Zealand, India, Scotland and of course England stayed here.

We will miss our little street in Kilburn, where we lived at the beginning of the gem and a Symbol for the world-threading, 31 Nations human at 300 meters of the road. East Finchley then, once the constituency of Maggie Thatcher, of all people. In front of our trunk Pub, an old Scotsman, sitting always in a Kilt and reads and reads and reads. Opposite the Pub is the small Japanese Restaurant, which is often awarded for its excellent food, with certificates at the window. The operators are not even from Japan. But from Croatia, and China.

On the main street, we have an English fishmonger, an Algerian bakery, an Italian delicatessen, a Greek Fish-‘n’-Chips Restaurant and a Turkish Café, prior to the regularly on Sundays, the Labour Boss Corbyn sits, the gang around the corner to a garden Plot. In addition, there is a friendly homeless man who asked, and used only after a ten-Pence and so of all the “Th-the P-Man” is called. I had this whole story to the Ten-P-One along tell, because we were in the course of our London time to witness its decay. Three years ago, he reacted indignantly when we slipped him a more than ten-Pence. Most recently, he took everything like he rushed worked, he lost weight, and at some point he was gone for months. But one Evening he ran back to the main road up, still slim, still gehetzter. He was missing an Arm. An accident, he said. May be.

Sometimes I wish, Th-P-Man would stand in front of Westminster, and the Chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond could see him, this thin icon is seriously misguided social policy. Those Hammond, the meadow the other day the report of the UN Commissioner-nonsense back, who had written that 14 million Britons are living in poverty. The fit with the Figures of the Chancellor of the exchequer, not together.

you should all just open your eyes and prick up the ears, see and hear things as they are. I don’t think many homeless people on the streets. The impoverishment of the cities, the moribund health system, the increasingly toxic social climate.

But sitting in Downing Street, and soon a man, was placed during his time as foreign Minister, as the “Financial Times” reported, the ears and the national anthem was humming, if his employees the facts presented that he did not want to hear. And the background chorus of conservative hardliners who have hijacked the Union Jack to form, not long ago, is still a Symbol of a cool, open-minded Britain, now coat-of-arms of a roaring nationalism. The author Jonathan Coe has said, that would not go away just like that. The politician Jess Phillips has said, Humor is your antidote. Perhaps both are true. Maybe it’s just a temporary nervous breakdown. We will have to see.

Now we go. It was different thought. We once thought that we wanted to be old in this country, called my wife home. A daughter with her English friend, Joe, said to leave, he envy us.

So, then: Goodbye, beloved Britain, and good luck. You can use it.

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