The parents gave their child only a few hours in the care of a nanny, when she came home, there was the eight-month-old Baby dead. Now, a court in the US has condemned the state of Maryland, the Nanny for the murder.

As reported in the “Washington Post”, the father was at work when the Nanny called her to tell her that with the Baby something was wrong. He rushed home to discover that the eight-month-old child milk from the nose and mouth floss. The court, the father described how he tried desperately to drain the fluid. A surveillance camera filmed the incident, which occurred in October 2016. The pictures show how the baby moves crying in a carriage in the direction of the Couch, on the the 68-Year-old just to take a NAP.

Nanny holds Baby bottle without a lid in the mouth

As he pats her leg, she wakes up, grabs a full bottle of milk and tried to feed the Baby. As the not succeed, and lifts you out of the barrel, takes it on the Arm, picks up the lid with the teat and the Baby the full bottle to the mouth. Thereafter, a second bottle. Overall, you have put the infant within 30 seconds to about 240 milliliters of milk fed, until the Baby responded. Doctors later found the milk in the lungs of the infant.

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From the investigating officer, the accused shall have denied, first, to have the lid removed. The first of the shots heard, to have their actions added. In court, the woman said, according to the report, it did not harm the child and instead, just do not want to go, that it will starve to death. In addition, it is in your country, Nigeria, a common practice to force children to eat. “I did what was necessary to make sure the had something in the stomach,” she is quoted as saying.

fails How high is the punishment against the children, woman, will clarify further the process, which is scheduled for the beginning of may.

source: Washington Post