The Left wants to decide today on a Congress programme for the European elections and the list of candidates.

Previously, is expected to be in Bonn, but a controversial debate about the attitude of the party to the European Union – between the sharp EU criticism and the demand for more cooperation. A controversial sentence that is attributed to him, the EU “militaristic, undemocratic and neo-liberal” principles, was defused in advance. Nevertheless, the opinions go far apart.

At the start of the Europe-party tags party leader Katja Kipping had made a clear commitment to the European Union, but also comprehensive reforms. “We do not want a break-up of the EU,” she said on the Friday before the delegates in Bonn. “When we criticize the specific EU policy, then, never with the objective that it goes back into the in isolation from nation-States.”

The draft program of the party’s Executive Board bears the title “For a Europe of solidarity of the millions, against a European Union of millionaires” and not clearly formulated, that the EU is currently, as the Left wishes. Party leader Katja Kipping defended this critical position at the start of the party tags. “I mean, other EU, is the greater Declaration of love for Europe than by allowing things to stay the way it is,” she said on Friday.

On Saturday to talk about parliamentary leader Dietmar Bartsch, the chief of the European Left, Gregor Gysi and party chief Bernd Riexinger. After the conclusion of the program, the Left want their top candidate for the European elections on may 26. May choose.