Since the days of the Left-and her push for a parliamentary processing of escrow transactions after the reunification for debates. Now you look at the ongoing privatisation of East German soil.

the left group in The Bundestag calls for the sale of federally-owned agricultural land in Eastern Germany. The sell-off must come to an end, said parliamentary leader Dietmar Bartsch of the German press Agency. The privatisation was a big mistake.

It was not the least that the Federal government privatisation of the formerly socially-owned land in the GDR and the bottom of the market stoked. The Left proposes, instead to rely on the targeted long-term leasing to young farmers or women. Previously, the Bartsch group had already called for the privatization of East German-Operated work by the trust at the beginning of the 1990s with an investigation Committee in the Bundestag.

In 1992, the soil was verwertungs – und-verwaltungs GmbH (BVVG) was established to privatize on the basis of the trust put formerly socially-owned land and forests. What is not yet sold, is leased. Since the Start in 2007, just under 242 000 hectares were sold to arable land. This corresponds to an area of the size of the Saarland, said Bartsch. “We are calling for a privatisation stop the rest of the BVVG areas, which include the size of a half-Saarland.”

The Left provides to the price development. In January, the head of the German farmers ‘ Federation, the Saxons had complained-hitchhiker Kurt-Henning gorge Roth, speculators continued to return due to rising land prices. Many farmers could barely keep up.

From the point of view of the Federal government is this fear, however, the BVVG-business unfounded. The majority of land had so far been on local companies sold had previously been tenants, in a reply to a Minor Interpellation of the Left. The Rest was sold, consequently, to tender to other interested parties.

“purchases by non-local or non-agricultural investors in the new Federal States are to be held, to the knowledge of the Federal government, barely, through the acquisition of individual land from the BVVG, but as a result of share purchases by legal persons”, – is spoken in the answer of the Federal government. However, the proportion of land which was sold to a former tenant varies.

While in Saxony three quarters of the surface have been so sold, it was in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, respectively, slightly more than half. According to BVVG itself but also the selling price varies significantly. On average, 20 195 euros per hectare last year due. Brandenburg (13 857 Euro per hectare), Saxony (15 618), Thuringia (16 674) were significantly lower in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (23 389) and Saxony-Anhalt (24 of 253) was significantly pay more.