Despite the threat of arrest of Venezuela has returned the self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaidó in his home. “We are stronger than ever before,” cried the leader of the opposition on Monday in front of Thousands of supporters in Caracas.

Shortly before, he had landed unmolested by the security forces at the capital airport of Maiquetía. Border officials had him with the words “Welcome, President” in control to happen, told Guaidó a little later.

Many followers Guaidós and the ambassadors of several European countries took the opposition leader at the airport in reception. At the same time-in-chief Nicolás Maduro went all over the country people against the socialist government of the state on the road. In Caracas cheered Guaidó a lot of followers. “The people at your side,” chanted the opponents of the government.

Given the weeks long power struggle Guaidós return is a provocation for Maduro. Due to an investigation and a ban on Leaving the 35-Year-old in the country are not allowed to actually leave. Now, he could be arrested. “We know the risks,” said Guaidó after his arrival. “That’s never stopped us before.”

In the past few days, Guaidó had visited several of the neighboring States and in Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Paraguay support for his government is to be advertised. “The whole world supports Venezuela in its fight for freedom,” said Guaidó at the rally in Caracas.

The United States congratulated him for a safe homecoming. The Venezuelan people made it possible by his Act in a peaceful, democratic Transition, according to the U.S. state Department. The international community must now unite against Maduro’s government.

“The risk of arrest is still very real,” wrote U.S. Senator and fierce Maduro opponent Marco Rubio on Twitter. Last week, Maduro warned his adversary before a return. “Guaidó can’t just come and go; the justice had forbidden him from Leaving the country,” he said in an Interview with the U.S. broadcaster ABC. Nevertheless, he had his opponent on Monday.

Guaidó had on 23. January to the interim President explained and Maduro so openly challenged. Most recently, his attempt to bring relief goods from Colombia and Brazil to Venezuela have failed. At border crossings there were severe clashes between opposition supporters and security forces. Several people were killed and hundreds injured.

The ölreichste country in the world suffers a severe economic and supply crisis. Due to lack of foreign currency in Venezuela can introduce hardly any food, medicines and necessities for the suffering population. Many people are starving, more than three million Venezuelans have left their home already.