has been sentenced to four and a half years after the “umbrella movement” for democracy in Hong Kong, prominent leader of the protests to prison sentences of up to 16 months.

A Hong Kong court had spoken to several members of Parliament, renowned academics, and student leaders for incitement or conspiracy for the disturbance of public order is already two weeks ago guilty. On Wednesday, the sentence was announced.

The law Professor, Benny Tai and the social scientists, Chan Kin-Man must, therefore, 16 months in prison. Two more protest leaders have been sentenced to eight months in prison. Other activists received suspended sentences or have to for my community service hours.

The Pro-democracy movement had laid in 2014, parts of the seven million inhabitants of the Asian economic and financial metropolis of the week, lame. Since its return to China in 1997, the former British colony according to the principle of “one country, two systems” autonomously as its own territory. As a response to the protests, the Communist leadership in Beijing has attracted the reins in dealing with Hong Kong.