if you Ask children what they want to be, are the answers for quite some time, the same: the vet, footballer, Model, police officer. But in the course of puberty, we are confronted with the reality: The field of occupations is much larger and more diverse. The number of options in the digital sector is growing. But at the same time, some Jobs are threatened with extinction.

you Know, for example, what makes a Manglerin? No? No wonder the profession is hard to find. Mangling takes place mostly in a Laundry. It is stretched on two parallel reels of fabric, the clothing is ironed. An activity that used to be enormously important. Or have you ever asked yourself who will repair your old Radio, or your knife grinds? Radio mechanics are hard to come by and have hardly any work. Also, the knife grinder, there are always rare.

other professions got more and more into oblivion. That of the shoemaker, for example, because the are produced all over the majority of shoes today in large factories. Occasionally one finds, nevertheless, still a shoemaker of the old school, where you can also wonderful to make repairs. Similarly, nowadays, the makers with its basket work and the Tanner, the raw animal skin is processed to leather. Increasingly rare, you have orders, becoming more and more difficult to come against the fast machines. And, you know, what’s a Cooper? He binds barrels, containers made of wood to store in it about beer and wine. And, not least, the glass blower, a difficult profession at the open burners, the need for a long training. Made of fine glass, hand-crafted decorative items, thermometers, laboratory equipment, and light commercial.

The best images of these rare professions, you can find in our VIEW ‘ photo series.

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