15. Times Russian President Vladimir Putin said today in his speech to the Nation.

this Time the question is primarily, with what ideas the 66-Year-old, the economic and social situation wants to improve, he is responsible for, after 20 years in Power – temporarily, as head of government.

The Approval ratings of the President are not less than a year after his re-election the best. There were protests, because the retirement age is increased. In addition, the VAT rose to the beginning of the year by two points to 20 percent. The frustration due to more expensive food is great.

In recent days, Putin has led, according to the Kremlin, many of the conversations, but also for sports and recreation, the program speech. He is expected to speak in front of hundreds of guests from politics, economy, Church, culture and society, once more, to Armaments, and economic sanctions against his country.

Putin’s speech in the previous year is in the West still have the best memories. At the time, he presented a video show of new weapons systems. As in the previous year he is not this time in the magnificent Kremlin Palace – is currently being renovated. Is invited the Elite of the country in the Tsar times to the end of trade center Gostiny Dvor in Kremlin vicinity.