Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of wars of the United States, with a view to, numerous “Trade”, a “fight without rules”.

“It’s a fight without rules with a Anxiety and the elimination of competitors with the use of non-market economic methods is effectively”, – Putin said on Saturday after Pro-Kremlin figures in the Central Asian Ex-Soviet Republic of Tajikistan. He appeared in the capital, Dushanbe, to a security conference of Asian States.

“Like never before are now being called for our collective efforts to find a way out of the situation,” Putin said. The Kremlin chief also called on to create a new trust, and norms of a just economic cooperation.

Russia accuses the US illegal sanctions against his own economy. Putin criticized repeatedly the “trade war” of the USA with China.

for the third Time this month he also met with China’s state and party chief Xi Jinping on Saturday in Dushanbe, his 66. Celebrated a birthday. Putin presented to Xi as often in the past – a box full of Russian ice-cream as a gift. Both came with champagne.