The true story behind one of the most famous photos in the world is actually already in the original caption of “Life”magazine from 1945. “In the middle of Times Square a white-clad young woman, her handbag and her skirt clings, as an uninhibited sailor his lips directly on your plants”, – stated in the edition of 27. August 74 years.

this does not Sound particularly romantic and it was also – and nevertheless, the inclusion of the allegedly intimate kiss between the dark-clad Sailors and the brightly dressed woman was for decades a Symbol of exuberant romance.

The photo was taken on a spontaneous victory celebration in New York

Now the pictures of man died, George Mendonsa,. The former members of the U.S. Navy, died at the weekend in an old people’s home in Middletown in the US state of Rhode Island, according to US media on Monday, citing his daughter Sharon Moeller reported. He was 95 years old.

Second world war

Ilyushin IL-2 “Sturmovik” – the flying tank of the Soviets

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was The photo that made him world-famous, during a spontaneous victory celebration to the defeat of Japan in world war II in Times Square in New York on 14. August 1945, taken by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, and for the first time, published on the title page of the “Life”magazine.

Mendonsa and the woman met by chance

The woman snatched Mendonsa, was not his former mistress, but a random passer-by. “I didn’t choose to be kissed,” said Greta Friedman, then a dental assistant in nurse Uniform, the “Veteran’s History Project” in 2005. “The guy just came and grabbed me and kissed.” Friedman died, according to the NBC in 2016 at the age of 92 years.


George Mendonsa: The Veteran of the US Navy, died at the weekend in an old people’s home in Middletown in the US state of Rhode Island,

©Connie Grosch/the Providence Journal Reuters

In an Interview with TV channel CBS Mendonsa explained: “You come back from the Pacific, and finally the war is coming to an end. This enthusiasm about it – and I had a lot of a few Drinks. As I have seen the nurse, I took her to me and kissed you.”

In the years after that had claimed several of the Sailors, they were the famous kissing sailor. However, facial recognition programs later confirmed that it was in the Sailors to Mendonsa. “My father was very proud of his service (in the Navy), as well as the image, and what it meant,” said his daughter, Sharon Moeller.

again and again, the sailor had to re-enact the scene

Originally, the sailor was on the day in August 1945 on a Date with another woman, said Mendonsa of the CBS. Both had been in the nearby Radio City Music Hall, as there, the end of the war was announced. They were then pulled to celebrate in a Bar, and finally to Times Square.

to see This woman, Rita Petrie, is even in the Background of the photo to the left Mendonsa. Her face is between him and a white-clad Sailors directly on his shoulder cut to. Years later she explained that he always had to readjust back to the scene, and that it accounts for nothing. She was married until his death at the weekend, more than 70 years with him.

sos/Christian Fahrenbach and Günther Chalupa