A kiss-photo on Times Square in New York made him world famous: The U.S. Navy soldier George Mendonsa, the kissing, 1945, during a war victory celebration, a to him unknown woman, has just died, 74 years after the snapshot. The 95-Year-old had suffered on Sunday after a fall in a nursing home with a fatal attack, said his daughter, “the Providence Journal”.

Mendonsa was the former dental assistant Greta room Friedman on 14. August 1945 Packed in the celebrations on Times Square in New York, from Exuberance and joy about the end of the war, and kissed. The two knew each other. The scene was captured by photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, and a full page in the magazine “Life” printed. The image went around the world.

“thank God the war is over,”

Friedman had died in 2016 at the age of 92 years. In an Interview in 2005, she had said the scene was “romantic”. “It was just an event in the sense of ‘thank God the war is over’

In the following years, several Sailors had claimed they were the famous kissing sailor. But facial-recognition programs later confirmed that it was in the Sailors to Mendonsa. “My father was very proud of his service (in the Navy), as well as the image, and what it meant,” said daughter Molleur. “It was always, many, many years later, an important part of his life.”