In the U.S. state of Kentucky showed up a teenager who claims to be after the year-long abduction of his tormentors and escape.

According to the US media published the report of the police of Sharonville (Ohio) gave the Teenager on Wednesday, Timmothy Pitzen, and to be 14 years old. This would correspond to the truth, would be missing a puzzling case in the US solved.

A DNA Test is to bring certainty, whether or not it really is Timmothy Pitzen from Aurora, Illinois, who disappeared in may 2011 at the age of six years. Media, according to him, had taken his mother on a multi-day excursion.

Two days after the two had left their home and the father found the mother dead in a Hotel. You should have committed suicide and leaving a note. In it I said that Timmothy was safe housed with people who took care of him, you’ll find him, however, never reported the CNN. Timmothys family had never stopped looking for the boy.

residents in the near the border of Ohio city of Newport, Kentucky, were on Wednesday at the boy carefully, suddenly stood in their road: He had been wounded in the face, got scared cast, and a car stopped to ask for help, said a local resident to the local station WCPO on Wednesday. The police, he reported, in the room of a Motel-chain, his long-time captors to escape and to be a bridge to Kentucky went.