Cuspert, The widow of the German IS-terrorist, Denis, also known under the name of “Deso Dogg”, is, according to the Exclusive report of the pan-Arab news channel Al Aan TV after a long stay in Syria, returned to Germany and lives totally undisturbed in the middle of Hamburg.

The TV journalist Jenan Moussa-Syria-back-sweeper Omaima A. by the analysis of mobile phone data to track down. How the reporter came to more than 24,000 files, including images and documents, is not known. In their presentations, Moussa suggests that A. has lost her Smartphone. According to the star information, the German security authorities consider the published data as authentic.

photos show the everyday life and violence in Syria

photos Omaima A. 2015 show, for example, with a rifle posing in Syria, their little son, who plays with a gun, or your eight-year-old daughter, fully veiled, and with the IS Flag in Hand. But also personal documents such as a CV, Screenshots of WhatsApp communications or photos from the everyday life between Hamburg and Syria were found on the phone. Under the file a Letter from the jobcenter Frankfurt am Main from March 2015, the cancellation of unemployment benefit will be announced this 34-Year-olds. Reason: “departure to a foreign country (Syria)”. The German authorities, was apparently known that A. had deposed in the civil war in the country.


senior member of the IS

the German IS-fighter in Syria: “I’ve never cut off a human head”

The research of the journalist, according to Omaima was married to A. only a with Denis “Deso Dogg” Cuspert, but in the meantime, with Nader Hadra, IS fighters out of Frankfurt. Of him and numerous photos and documents were also among the mobile phone data. Him not to be in the beginning of 2015 in the North of Syria followed, six weeks later, he replied to your messages. Nader Hadra died in Kobane. In Homs, she married Cuspert then Denis, a friend Hadras. Messages about Cusperts death in January of 2018, downgraded the Federal intelligence service as a “credible” one. (Read here in the star.)

Omaima Since when exactly A. back in Germany, is not known. In the meantime she has built up here, apparently, a middle-class life. She lives with her children in a terraced house settlement in the district of Hamburg Neugraben-Fischbek and in social networks, to work as a Translator and event Manager. The corresponding Profiles have been deleted in the meantime. Headscarf and Niqab should you have in the meantime passed.

German authorities keep a low profile

An attempt by the TV journalist to do an Interview with the Syria-rear sweeper, failed. Omaima A. the call broke off. Whose daughter claimed in an interview with the reporter, never to be with her mother in Syria. The family wants to have their holidays in Tunisia and in Turkey, spent – a lie, as the phone should show data.

IS returning to

From the holidays from the Islamic state enticed? IS-women want to return to Manchester

the Extent to which German authorities have the woman already in the visor, is unclear. Nor is it known whether he or she has committed in Syria crimes, make law enforcement in Germany is necessary, for example, because of membership in a terrorist organization abroad. For such cases, the competent Federal Prosecutor General in Karlsruhe said on stern request, to no information on a possible initial suspicion and possible investigation. The knowledge of the research of the reporter, but in any case, a consideration of the facts is necessary. The Public will only be informed in case of arrest or prosecution. The Hamburg police said on Twitter that she had the case of the “already known”.

The protection of the Constitution of the Hanseatic city, with views of the personality rights of any indication as to the possible knowledge to Omaima.

After the star information is, however, in security circles, that Omaima runs A. in the jihadist scene. So you should have, among other things, in 2012, together with family members behind a planned Muslim shopping centre in the Hamburg district of Harburg stood. The plans saw that there is only Muslim business people to offer Goods and services, if possible, only believe, brothers and sisters. The newspaper “Welt” has reported that the Hamburg the protection of the Constitution viewed the project with suspicion, because he suspected Salafists behind it.

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