you should have watched as a five-year-old girl died of: in Front of the higher regional court of Munich of the trial of a young German, to have the self-proclaimed Islamic state (IS) in Iraq connected starts in the morning. The Federal Prosecutor’s office accuses the 27-Year-old from lower Saxony, murder, war crimes and membership in a terrorist organization. You should have bought in the summer of 2015 together with her husband, a little girl from a group jesidischer a prisoner of war as a slave. Because the child had wet the bed, should have chained the man to the punishment in the burning sun, where it died of thirst in torment. The defendant is to have nothing done about it. The charge is murder by omission.

The star reported in March exclusive:


the process against Jennifer W.

Lohne, German is supposed to have killed IS a member of the five-year-old girl in Iraq

Jennifer W. is charged with murder and war crime. You should have seen her husband in Iraq had a five-year-old girl die of thirst. Jennifer W. was convicted because she told a V-man from the death of the girl. But your story also?

By Kerstin Herrnkind IS process: Amal Clooney is representing in addition to action

The mother of the girl occurs in the sensational process as a joint plaintiff in the case; the well-known human rights activist Amal Clooney is one of their lawyers. “Jesidische victims wait too long on your opportunity to testify before the court,” said Clooney, according to a joint communication of the next action and the jesidischen organization, Yazda. She thanked the German prosecutors for their use. Whether the woman will appear, the actor George Clooney himself to trial, was to the last open. The mother of the child will not appear according to the next action to kick off, but to make statements at a later time.

According to data from Yazda is the world’s first indictment for crimes committed by IS-members against the religious minority of Yazidis. The Nobel peace prize winner Nadia Murad called the process a great Moment and an important procedure for all jesidischen Survivors. “Each of the Survivors with whom I have spoken, waiting for the same thing: That the perpetrators be prosecuted for their acts against the Yazidis, in particular against women and children, and brought to justice.”

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