Here is the big city felt far, far away: The single-family homes on the southern edge of Berlin are deserted, the area is largely empty of people. Ironically, here in the house of the brother of the missing girl technician of the police Detective on Friday after traces of a possible crime on the for more than ten days missing Berlin student Rebecca, 15. The man was arrested the day before and was considered a suspect. On Friday evening, it was clear that the 27-Year-old comes back. A judge saw no probable cause.

was the results of the search nothing yet known as the police announced on Friday evening for the release. A police spokeswoman said, the track evaluations could take days. The investigator also explained why the man was arrested: It is not giving murdered: soul suspect contradictions “between its information and the latest calculation results”. The man had been heard on both days, it said.

Meanwhile, investigators clearly speak of it, that Rebecca was killed. “There is still no sign of life from the Missing, now assumed that Rebecca was the victim of a homicide. She previously could not be found”, it said. “Homicide and the prosecution must do everything Possible to find the girls,” said a spokeswoman.

track search in the house of sister

Meticulously, the experts of the land office of criminal investigation (LKA) examine the small, old house with the white brick façade, in which the young people had prior to her Disappearance stopped. It is going to browse through everything and to back up existing tracks, it said.

Missing 15-Year-old

case Rebecca: police of homicide – brother-in-law should be free


Several hours, the Team of crime scene technicians in white protective suits in the house and around it. The shutters are dropped down during the largely. The experts make photos: in the driveway, in front of the Garage and in the garden in a decorative Statue.

What the investigators had against the first accused in the Hand, police said. Possibly a piece of clothing played a role, the officials, according to media reports on Wednesday about one and a half kilometers away from the house, the sister found. As the use of the house is finished in the afternoon, employees wear large brown bags in her van. Content: unclear.

Rebecca Reuschs Disappearance is a mystery

The Disappearance of Rebecca on 18. February gave up her family and police are baffled. The girl had slept with her sister and their family, in the living room. In the Morning, a Monday, was Rebecca to 7.15 PM because – even though their school only started at 10: 00. With a ceiling disappeared out of the house. Shortly thereafter, her phone was switched off permanently. After a few days, a homicide took over the investigation.

The police used search dogs, evaluated phone data and published photos of the girl and her recently-worn clothing. A police helicopter flew over the district of Britz. More than 100 notes were received from the public. Parallel to this, the family turned to the Public. The parents spoke with several media, another sister of Rebecca’s bat, among other things, in the case of Instagram to aid in the search. Last was heard of the family, nothing more.

to The few neighbors that are on Friday on the road, affected. “First of all hoping that she just ran away,” said an elderly woman, who lives a few houses next to Rebecca’s relatives. “Since you’re looking for there, shrunk my hope.” Everyone in the neighborhood was “a nasty surprise”.

John Baumert and Gisela Gross / np / fs / DPA