A world without nuclear weapons? 8. In December 1987, was for all who dream of a day of hope. U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet party chief, Mikhail Gorbachev, signed back in Washington a contract, you are committed to the abolition of a whole category of nuclear medium-range weapons. “Historically” it was called the so-called INF-agreement after decades of the Cold war. Especially Germany and the other Western European States could hope for a little more security, because Russian missiles were a great threat to them.

So it is now, however, is over: After 11.560 days of the agreement’s history. USA and Nato on the one side and Russia on the other hand, accuse each other, against the Pact failed, and have no interest in a sequel. The most important questions and answers on the topic:

now Threatens a new arms race between the USA and Russia?

Yes. The USA have already announced to build in response to the rearmament of Russia even a mobile ground-based medium-range system. This is conventional according to current planning, only with the-nuclear – warheads are used. Whether it remains, however, unclear. Military experts point out that such plans could quickly change. Russia has announced that it is to react with the Start of Work on new, land-based hypersonic missiles in the INF Treaty.

disarmament Pact between the United States and Russia

Since today it is no longer true – as the history of the INF Treaty changed the world

By Marc Drewello Be atomic in the medium missiles in Europe range stationed?

Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stressed the wheel, not in prayer, that there is no intention to kidneys new land-based nuclear weapons systems based in Europe. Nato was not necessary to reflect, what Russia is doing, the way it is.

security experts warn, however, about to put options hastily to the side. “The development of land-based nuclear medium-range weapons should not exclude from the outset,” it says in an analysis of the long-term associate Nato Secretary General Heinrich Brauß, and the Director of the Institute for security policy at the University of Kiel, Joachim Krause. Preconceptions of individual governments were harming the unity of the Alliance and could the security of Europe, undermine, write in the journal “Sirius”.

How could react the Nato otherwise?

possible options Stoltenberg announced additional military exercises, as well as “observation, Surveillance and reconnaissance”. “We will also look at our air and missile defense and our conventional capabilities in more detail,” he said recently at a defense Ministers ‘ meeting. Concretely, it is conceivable that the Nato countries are strengthening their presence in the Eastern part of Alliance territory and in the Baltic sea and the protection of critical infrastructure by missile and air defense systems to expand. In addition, a new effect could be stationed full conventional weapons systems as a deterrent to Russia.

Where is Germany in the discussion?

The Federal government knows that Nato must respond, but also wants to prevent a new arms race by all means. “A stationing of new medium-range missiles would be launched in Germany on a wide resistance”, says foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Polls show the. According to a Thursday survey published by the opinion research Institute Kantar on behalf of Greenpeace, 86 percent of respondents believe the Federal government should prohibit the deployment of nuclear medium-range missiles of the USA in Germany.

84 percent of the respondents in the survey also, that it should be in Germany, no nuclear weapons, and more. According to information from military camps in the Bundeswehr base in Rhineland-Palatinate, Büchel currently about 20 atomic bombs. They are called B61-4, are to 3.58 meters long, look like small rockets, and an explosive force of up to 50 kilo tonnes (nearly four times that of the Hiroshima bomb). In the case of an emergency, you are to be of the “Eurofighter”fighter jets of the German armed forces to their destination and dropped brought. They are Germany’s contribution to the nuclear deterrence of Nato.

In the 1980s, still 7000 of the world’s 70,000 nuclear weapons were stationed in both Parts of Germany, including medium-range missiles. Against the stationing of the US “Pershing 2” were at that time in the Federal Republic of hundreds of thousands on the road.

International press

INF Treaty

“Donald Trump begins the new Cold war”

AFP there Is a chance for a new Treaty to ban land-based nuclear medium-range missiles?

hardly. As the reason for the termination of the contract by the United States, the fact that the binds from the time of the Cold war the end of the Deal, only Americans and Russians, but not to emerging military powers such as China is ultimately. China, meanwhile, have nearly 2,000 ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, which would fall under the agreement. US President, Donald Trump has called for new negotiations of China with. Beijing has already made clear that it has no interest in it.

What is the meaning of the end of the INF Treaty for other disarmament agreements?

All eyes are now on the New Start disarmament Treaty. The agreement between Russia and the USA, the nuclear arsenals on the 800 delivery systems and 1550 deployed nuclear warheads ready to reduce. It is 2021 runs out. Also, there are significant differences between the two sides. Trumps National security adviser John Bolton has signaled that he sees no future for the agreement. There is still no decision had fallen, but it was unlikely that the contract would be extended, he said in a speech on Tuesday. They wanted to create “something Better”.

The government has also indicated here that you would like to get to China. How you want to achieve, however, is unclear. Experts from the arms control Organisation, Arms Control Association, reference can be made to the fact that the Administration has so far said nothing about what incentives would you give to China. In addition, it is questionable whether the time would be enough for trilateral talks.