In the dispute over the important disarmament Treaty to ban medium-range weapons, accuses Russia, the United States, to ignore the Russian proposals for a solution.

His government has offered the United States to which the Americans objected to the new missile experts to investigate, said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday in Moscow. Washington did, however, insists on a Ultimatum, provided for the destruction of the cruise missile 9M729 and the associated technology.

Lavrov explained, as always, to the beginning of the year before and foreign journalists his view of the world, and painted a grim picture. Conflicts began to increase, said the 68-Year-old, who has served since 2004 as the Russian foreign Minister. “This is due to the fact that some of the States of the West and especially the USA are ready to accept the realities of a multi-polar world to recognize.” Russia expects of itself, China, India and other emerging countries to the new power centres of world politics.

The planned withdrawal of Britain from the EU, Lavrov did not want to commit, and what kind of development for his country is the best. The British debate on Brexit is an internal affair of Britain, “in his Parliament, of its citizens,” he said. Moscow had no influence on operations in other countries. We will continue to cooperate with great Britain as with the EU. But in Russia the consequences of a Brexits not matter, because the EU is the most important Russian trade partner.

to violate The US and Nato accuse Russia, with new cruise missiles against the 30-year-old INF Treaty. Washington has put Moscow in a last period of 60 days to comply, which expires at the beginning of February.

The INF Treaty on nuclear medium-range systems (Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces) was concluded in 1987 between the United States and the former Soviet Union. He is obliged both sides to the abolition of all land-based ballistic missiles and cruise missiles with ranges between 500 and 5500 kilometers. At the same time, he also says the production and testing of such systems.

Moscow is more willing to work in a rescue of the INF Treaty, Lavrov said. He hoped on the support of European States. The actions of the United States is a sign of a low level of mutual trust. “It also means that the foreign policy Thinking is being militarised,” he said.

meanwhile, the U.S. government has reaffirmed its Ultimatum to Russia once again. Accordingly, the United States will from the 2. February no longer feel bound to the Treaty if Russia agrees to the destruction of new cruise missiles.

The receipt of the INF agreement is also likely to be the subject of the one-day Meeting with Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Friday in Moscow. The talks will go, but especially to the Ukraine and to Syria, said Lavrov. For Eastern Ukraine, and there is no Alternative “to a full and consistent implementation of the Minsk agreements,” Lavrov said. After the short visit to Moscow Maas will fly to his Ministry, even to Kiev with his Ukrainian colleague Pavel Klimkin speak.

In the Eastern Ukraine fighting since the 2014 Pro-Russian separatists against government troops from Kiev. The separatists are supported by Russia. Moscow is not here, but officially, as a party to the conflict. The Minsk agreement, envisages a ceasefire that was negotiated by Germany. The parties to the conflict do not adhere to this truce. Since 2014, have been killed in Eastern Ukraine, more than 10,000 people.


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