In the world-famous Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris broke out on Monday in a devastating fire. And hours beat in the evening, flames up in flames from the roof of the landmark of the French capital, the monumental sacred building with a huge column of smoke was to be seen. The small pointed tower in the center of the roof collapsed. From the two great towers of the Cathedral of black smoke urge.

On the question of whether the world-famous Cathedral should be saved, said a spokesman for the fire in the evening, the TV station BFMTV and other media that you’re “not sure” whether the spread of the fire could be stopped.

The entire roof was in flames, had previously said the spokesman for the Cathedral, André Finot, the French news Agency AFP. You don’t need to look, whether the vault of the Cathedral should be saved.

According to the interior Ministry, the fire was a large contingent on site. About 400 firefighters were trying to stem the fire. About the possible hurt, nothing was known.

One of the most important tourist attractions of Paris

The fire also triggered outside of France deep dismay and strong emotions. Notre-Dame is one of Paris’s main tourist attractions and is visited annually by millions of people.

The fire was reported shortly before Easter could work with the renovation of contexts, AFP, citing the fire brigade. It broke out in the attic and against at 18.50 been discovered. On the roof of the Cathedral, a scaffolding was installed. The police suspect terrorist Background, said a spokesman for the evening.

the President of France, Emmanuel Macron was shocked and said for the evening’s planned major address on the television. “Notre-Dame of Paris, at the mercy of the flames. Emotion of a whole Nation,” said the President on Twitter. Like all Frenchmen, he was, on this evening, sad “to see this part of us burn”. According to media reports, the President arrived in the evening at the Cathedral.

The French Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe wrote on Twitter: “Our sadness is indescribable, but we are still fighting. This evening the firemen heroically fighting against the fire.” The Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo, spoke of a “terrible fire”.

The Cathedral is located in the heart of the city on the Seine island Île de la Cité, which was cordoned off because of the fire of the security forces, such as the city of Paris announced on Twitter. It has been opened an event hall to local residents. Tourists were on the bridges over the river Seine photos of the fire.

“Notre-Dame of Paris, Notre-Dame of the whole of Europe,”

Macron said because of the fire, a major television speech in which he wanted to talk to you on Monday evening to discuss the results of a months-long public debate. A new date for the Élyséepalast not informed first. The President had launched the “National debate” in January as a response to the protests of the “yellow West” – now, he wanted to present concessions.

Worldwide, the Brand caused a shock. The Vatican responded dismayed. “The Holy see has welcomed the news of the terrible fire that ravaged the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, the Symbol of Christianity in France and in the world, with shock and grief,” said Pope spokesman Alessandro Gisotti.

“Notre-Dame of Paris, Notre-Dame of the whole of Europe,” wrote European Council President Donald Tusk on Twitter. “Today we are all on the side of Paris.” EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker wrote: “Notre-Dame belongs to the whole humanity. What a sad sight.”