The Greens want to be included in the basic law article against discrimination of sexual identity.

to be part of a Germany-wide “action plan for sexual and gender diversity,” it says in a motion that the parliamentary group has adopted. He is the German press Agency.

In article three of the Constitution States: “no one shall because of sex, parentage, race, language, homeland and origin, his faith, his religious or political opinions-disadvantaged or preferred.” Among other things, the lesbian and gay Federation (LSVD) calls, of sexual identity. In the Green-request it is, the article continue to write in its current Form, “one of the Central mechanisms of Homo – and TRANS-hostility”, namely the “Invisible” and “Trivialize” of discrimination.

As a further building blocks of the action plan, the Greens call for a stronger consideration of the interests of older lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender and Intersex (LGBTI), a Federal-state program against LGBTI anti-violence, a prohibition of “sex reassignment surgeries” surgery without medical necessity, and the consent of those Concerned, as well as a ban on so-called “conversion therapies”, so controversial therapies for the alleged “cure” from homosexuality.

The spokesman of the Green parliamentary group for Queer politics, Sven Lehmann, said: “Even if lesbian and Gay life are increasingly open, remains discrimination in everyday life is a big Problem.” Especially lesbian and gay young people have suffered from bad words like “queer”, the suicide rate and the risk of homelessness are higher than among Heterosexuals of the same age. Almost all States have launched action plans. “The Federal government remains so far in the case of non-binding declarations of intent”, criticized Lehmann.