The voters ‘ potential of Green is, according to a survey, currently almost as large as that of the Union. 38 percent of the electorate in Germany, can think of according to the on Monday published a trend barometer of RTL and N-TV is currently to choose the eco -.

The Union comes to 39 percent. In the case of the SPD is 31 percent, with the FDP 28. The number of those who would vote for the parties at present, however, in fact, is smaller: it is located in the Green, according to the Forsa survey, 20 percent of the Union at 28. The SPD is in this so-called Sunday question at 16 percent, the FDP at 10, Left at 8 and the AfD at 12 percent. 6 percent would opt for one of the other parties.

The Greens have the information, most potential voters in the West (41 percent), women (41 percent), and among the 18 – to 29-Year-olds (44 percent) and students (44 per cent) and more educated electorate with a-levels or degree (46 percent). Relatively low in popularity of the Greens in East Germany (27 percent), among men (37 per cent), manual workers (30 percent) and in the case of eligible school-leavers (28 per cent). A third of the Green-follower lives according to the study, in large cities, the household net income is about 3200 euros, well above the average of all eligible voters.