Green is currently fashionable in the policy. The colors from. From the CSU to the Left, all from the climate protection, environmental policy concepts to talk sharpen be.

The CDU is not adorned in the network, even the three letters with Daisy after all, with a sun-flower, the Logo of the Green. And what makes the eco-in the poll – and the mood high? It presents a concept against poverty among children. This is not a coincidence.

The environmental and climate protection citizens trust in the Green by far the most. Their core competence to them in their names and were not also true, as bees, and climate change were the “hot Shit”, as group chief Katrin Göring-Eckardt said before the election. This helps you now, after the heat and drought of the summer has made many people realize what it can mean to the earth rhitzung also for Germany.

Several opinion research institutes lead the Green currently as Germany’s strongest force, even before the Union. The Bavarian Green party leader Ludwig Hartmann calls for the case, more good poll numbers already, the shift away from a double-top before the election, and the nomination of a candidate for Chancellor. “If it is to give the surveys to continue, I am for a clear candidacy and against a double top in the next Federal election,” he said of the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper”.

Publicly traded hot as a possible candidate for Chancellor, party leader Robert Habeck is. In a survey Emnid for the “Bild am Sonntag” said 51 per cent of the respondents, if you choose the Chancellor directly, and between Habeck and CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer could decide, would you vote for Habeck.

But enough of a party that wants to govern, the Eco-friendly Image is not – in any case, if you want Power and not just as an “Eco-App” a coalition partner for a majority help. If the Commissioner of SPD leader Thorsten Schäfer-claims Gümbel, the Greens, the Social “don’t cared”, then the Green must prevent potential voters for him to lose weight.

that’s why party leader Anna Lena Baerbock, and Göring-Eckardt presented together plans for a children’s basic security and to the Euro precisely attributed to pre -, which the family would have to how much more – or less – on the account.

“We programmatically have the full range of products,” says Michael Kellner, the chief Executive of the Green. And this is not a new one. “What’s new: we will now hear different.” The two leaders of Baerbock and Habeck make it, “in a new way with social issues through credible penetrate”. The need to especially the SPD Concerns. Praise for the green concept against child poverty came among other things from the workers ‘ welfare AWO, which was after all founded in times of the social Democrats.

Further, premiums of this kind will follow. The Greens are in the process of claims and concepts with Numbers to feed. Do you want to talk about how their plans can be funded. It is an invitation to skeptical voters who do not belong to the core clientele of Eco is not enough for the voting decision.

Fittingly, Habeck met with cardinal Reinhard Marx, who joked, as will Black-and-Green Yes it is clearly visible – based on the clothing of the high-level Catholics, the Greens received.

Meanwhile, Ex-party chief Cem Özdemir for a week in the army was Lieutenant guest and posed with the group, Mr Tobias Lindner in Munster in a green Camo upper. “A Green in the army – do they fit together? I think: Yes,” wrote Özdemir in Instagram. At the info event of the Bundeswehr for “civilian leaders” is also the “shooting hand guns” on the program.

That, however, Lindner and Özdemir, in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” the Nato goal of defense expenditure in the direction to increase the two percent of gross domestic product, as a “planned economy with rigid pay corset” reject, would mean government responsibility, is a departure from the Nato, because it is a repeatedly reaffirmed decision of 29 member States. In the Opposition much easier.

The Swabian Özdemir out of the car-the Region of Baden-Württemberg, was for a long time the one on the Green-Federal tip with the economic profile, among other things, he pushed through against considerable resistance, a guest appearance by the former Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche at a party conference. Since the black-yellow-green Jamaican government was in the Federal nothing, it is no longer in the first row.

Baerbock is speaking at the annual conference of the Federal Association of German industry (BDI) and carries with its chief Dieter Kempf a dispute in the “business week”. The parliamentary group has established a “business Advisory Council”.

A construction site for the Green, but also the internal politics remains. They govern in nine countries in seven different coalitions, the Minister of the interior, you nowhere. As the “mirror” reported, wants to revive the parliamentary faction of the “Green police Congress” again. It would be no Surprise if from the Berlin party headquarters, a larger premium is also coming soon.

An Eco-party, the Greens remain. As different as the members were, Ecology was “always the common denominator,” says party Manager, waiter. Climate protection remains at the current level of the “hot Shit”, so he also anticipates themes, conjunctures, there is always. But it had changed little, the climate crisis has arrived and not going away: “climate protection has long been a topic for tomorrow. Now it is an issue for today.”