Christian Ulrich has various names – like many other German also. About a quarter of the year, a change in the law allowed the lower Saxony, the name reorder. Now he is Ulrich Christian.

With the Change of the order is to be recognize his name Ulrich is easier. So a change in November in Hannover since the act 47 people, their names re-sort, like a city spokesman said.

if you would like to change the sequence of first name, will have to go with birth certificate and, depending on the marital status with other documents to the registry office. The explanation for the first name sorting is filled with a Registrar. A reason for the Change must not be specified. The fees vary and are approximately in lower Saxony, according to the authorities, between 25 and 40 Euro. About a week it takes until the statement will be effective.

However, the previous passport with the Amendment invalid. Therefore, a new passport must be applied for. In addition, the Change of order is only possible if the names are not connected with a hyphen. The spelling of the first name can be changed, new added, or unloved can be omitted. These Changes are still only possible if there is an important reason. Because in Germany, the principle of the name of continuity.