The German refugee rescue ship “Professor Albrecht Penck” of the auxiliary organization, the Sea-Eye has been renamed on the name of the drowned Syrian refugee boy. The ship was in the port of Majorca’s capital, Palma, the name “Alan Kurdi”. The three-year-old was drowned in September 2015 at the peak of the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean.

the father of Alan Kurdi takes part in a moving ceremony

the ceremony was also Alan’s father, Abdullah Kurdi and his aunt Tima Kurdi took part. “I am grateful that the club has selected the name of my boy,” said Abdullah Kurdi in one of the Sea-Eye is a common statement. “So the Name of my boy for something Good, and his little soul can find peace.” There are thousands of more families who have lost their children in such a tragic way, highlighted the father. Kurdi had paid for the tractor, in order to bring him and his family from Turkey to Greece. Earlier, the Turkish authorities the family had been denied exit visas for Canada, where Tima Kurdi lives. The boat of the family, Kurdi sank in rough seas.

pictures of a Turkish soldier carrying away the lifeless small body of Alan on the beach, went around the world. In the accident also, Alan’s brother, Ghalib, and his mother, Rehanna had died.

Sea-Eye save since 2016, thousands of boat refugees

Sea-Eye has kept to its own information, since in 2016, around 60 rescue more than 14,000 boat people from Drowning in the Mediterranean sea. The German organization has to fight like other Refugee workers, with an increasingly restrictive refugee policy of the EU countries. Recently had to endure on the previous “Professor Albrecht Penck” and the rescue vessel “Sea Watch 3” of the German Organisation, Sea Watch, a total of 49 refugees for weeks, until they were allowed to go at the beginning of February in Malta of the Board. Requirement is a short-term agreement between several EU States, including Germany, on the distribution of a total of almost 300 migrants.

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