The European Parliament has approved the Reform of the copyright law without Changes, despite fierce protests on the Internet and on the street. The particularly controversial article 13, of the takes platforms like Youtube, more, was held on Tuesday in Strasbourg a majority of MEPs. The same copyright law for press publishers shall apply for the performance. After the vote, critics spoke of a bad day for the freedom of the Internet. The German press sees the Reform, but mostly as an opportunity.

“Süddeutsche Zeitung”

The Reform may not be in the Detail perfect yet; much will have to clear the dishes. But she is another important piece of European emancipation. Europe keeps the Anything-goes contrary to the Thinking of the Silicon Valley companies to a stop sign: his idea of a fair network, in the monopolistic platforms copyright adequate to Win you must participate. We add the new data protection regulation and the brave decisions on cartels by the EU Commission against Google, is formed to a model of far-sighted observers, viewing the long as the world is exemplary. No, the EU has taken no damage, because members of the Protest of millions of especially young citizens. This vote will make Europe stronger.


All those, the noise after this clear decision by the EU Parliament, are not only bad losers, but in the end, often enough, rather useful toy for Tech-monopolist, which lead to an incredible types of media and culture, or already have. (…) The digital Wutbürger have been fighting with hard bandages and reform advocates attacked real with death threats. It is this new tone in discussions, which always led so is that a case of mutual escalation in the Successive cracks of Worst-Case scenarios.

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DPA “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”

What is not been claimed in respect of this vote for the protection of the copyright law all: It is a matter of freedom against censorship to the future of the Internet, All or Nothing. (…) What is the copyright Directive really are glaring gaps in the protection of intellectual property – welcome to the civilization. The vote in Strasbourg provides a framework, a policy that can be adapted in national law in a way that even the critics come to their costs. The world of the Internet as we know it, going under, is pure panic. On the other hand: If nothing would change, would be the Directive redundant. The dispute over article 13 (now 17), and the “upload filter” will continue.

“die rheinpfalz”

Ingloriously it was like to be assessed, but really positive at the end of commitment, the opponents of Reform has been discredited – to the allegation that protesters were paid by the Internet companies. The Protest was to be dismissed lightly by the politicians, the do not shone with expertise. Here, young people have been alienated sustainable, this negative consequence of the reform process can ever hold.

“Badische neueste Nachrichten”

To the adoption of this regulation will not go based on the free Internet. Likely to arise for the individual user, no noticeable change. It is rather to be expected that this powerful network is pushing the bright minds across the globe with new flexible solutions, such as art, Information and entertainment into each other can flow.

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the final in the dispute about the copyright: article 13? And what does that actually mean?

DPA “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”

Everything now depends on how the new copyright law is implemented. Controversial, especially the Upload Filter. Is overlooked, however, that there are all sorts of exceptions to the new rules, as well as the opportunity to purchase licenses for the distribution of films, photos and texts. It is to be expected, therefore, by no means to put a coat of blackout on the network. In addition, Internet platforms distinguished by the highest level of resourcefulness when it comes to creating consumer profiles, and to place advertising. Why shouldn’t you be able to program accurate Upload Filter? Fortunately, at least in principle, there is Consensus to protect intellectual property better. It allows you to build up.


if you can’t come back to work, lamenting the end of the upload filter, do not complain – but to the European Parliament. This is for the right to be responsible, not for the technology of the corporations. To vote for an improved performance right has made the primacy of politics over the rules of the Internet again.

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