In the bitter dispute over the Russian-German Nord Stream gas pipeline 2 have agreed the EU member States on a compromise that allows for the construction of. This project almost failed due to the opposition of France. President Emmanuel Macron wanted to allow Germany only in hardening the EU-requirements for the construction of the Russian Pipeline. He and the rest of the members of the community did not want to leave it to a Russian group full control. The German press is unanimous: Germany provoked out of stubbornness almost this scandal and all the signs are ignored.

“The world”: And now Berlin pushes through with the crowbar, a project in Brussels, the European split: the Nord Stream gas pipeline 2. The winner of this Pipeline would be mainly Germany and Russia, the loser of Poland, the Ukraine and all those countries in Europe, the legitimate security interests and the Russian aggression will not inspire want to curb. With Nord stream 2 Germany would be the main distributor of Russian gas in Europe. Economically this makes sense, but the political crop damage would be large: Moscow strengthens its Power and the mistrust of the Central and Eastern Europeans to Germany is growing.

time: This enemy constellation would have had to see the German advance. The cuckoo’s egg by Gerhard Schröder, a dragon hatched, the Germans did not get rid of. For too long, you have all the Attempts of the EU Commission torpedoed, to unify the gas policy of the EU. Much too late she began, compensation contracts for Ukraine to think about. For too long, you have to rely on the solidarity of France.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung : The only Good thing about the Brussels agreement that this is a serious damage to the German-French relationship could be avoided. But that is a small comfort in the face of the porcelain which has battered the Federal government in the EU, by has defended over the years, stubborn to the geostrategic interests of Russia serving as the gas line. Since Russia has made plans for a second leg of the Baltic pipeline to the public, have protested the Central and Eastern European EU-members. (…) France has attempted in this debate, the role, which is otherwise that of Germany: that of the mediator. Berlin would want the signals to listen to, it would be able to succeed.

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“Passauer Neue Presse”: , The German-French relationship is rams hair sharply at a heavy load, over speed. So, the compromise will help both sides to save face. Paris has that Nord Stream 2 is subjected to European control. Berlin could refer to the fact that the energy policy of Germany is an important project that will not be compromised. So far, So good. Nevertheless, the short-term, of France, coolly calculated relationship crisis revealed that the new, in the highest tones praised the Aachen Treaty of friendship was able to whitewash the partially different interests. Macron has shown Merkel the thumb screws. And Merkel has swallowed.

“Münchner Merkur”: such a confrontation between the European blood of France and Germany, not brothers, there was for a long time: Paris is open against the Berlin supported Putin-Schroeder gas pipeline, and a hot needle knitted a compromise Formula prevented at the last Moment, Europe’s leading Nations divide before the eyes of all. More and more powerful, the column is legislative power of the Baltic sea tube, with the Germany energy delivers a politically, more and more Russia. The Concerns of the smaller Eastern neighbors, the German Chancellor do not care. The German Michel has opened the door to the energy transition and opening of borders, the next to go it alone. And Putin must RUB the hands again.

“Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung”: Now the conflict in the English-French relationship is nothing New. The resulting compromise has always been the Motor of European integration. However, the dispute between Berlin and Paris weighs heavier now than in the past. The centrifugal forces Inside the EU are strong, the hostility of the outside threat. There can be no doubt that France and Germany should pull all their differences, in Spite of a strand, and that the strengthening of Europe is their priority. Any contrary impression encourages Europe’s nationalists, as well as his adversaries in Washington, Moscow and Beijing only to your work of destruction.

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“Stuttgarter Zeitung”: It would be wrong to claim that France is to break with its pivot in the case of Nord Stream 2 the German-French axis. It is a diplomatic porcelain is not broken, the rift between Paris and Berlin, both sides were able to forge a compromise. Clearly, in the Elysee Palace is not thrilled that Berlin Macron are to a large extent in the rain in his attempt to reform the EU. It probably went to Paris to the thing.

“Frankfurter Rundschau”: The EU is not growing at present, the Brexit makes you shrink. The centrifugal forces Inside the EU are strong, the hostility of the outside threat. In this time should be no doubt that France and Germany – to pull all their differences, in Spite of a strand. That the strengthening of Europe is their priority. Any contrary impression encourages Europe’s nationalists, as well as his adversaries in Washington, Moscow and Beijing only to their work of destruction with even greater zeal to continue.

“Nürnberger Nachrichten”: Despite the compromise, Germany’s diplomats are a bunch a shards. A pause for reflection, with views of the Pipeline construction would have been beneficial. Then would have been thinking in the Chancellery-intensive.

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