Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Against the skeptics, and against powerful opponents in your party. That German Chancellor Angela Merkel supported her, helped her sure-to-be, the CDU-Chairman. For many, the Catholic was, and is, therefore, as a kind of “Mini-Merkel”, not a few consider them to be too stuffy. However as soon as the 56-Year-old to the party leader was elected, began a process of Emancipation. Adversary Friedrich Merz, it has referred to its place, and of Merkel’s migration process, it has distanced itself a good piece. The abbreviation of your name AKK has raised to trademarks, at the latest, since she has been using it in pure form for your Twitter Account. A trademark for the Chancellery?

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Good. The Chance of a Chancellor candidacy and also to the chancellorship as the CDU leader. Against the title of your Solo performance, “Maischberger” had STH to object to it, accordingly, so little that you retweetete him as a TV-tip: “Catholic, conservative Chancellor?” To wanted to that you actually want to be Chancellor of this statement, let Kramp-karrenbauer in the program but do not get carried away. You have to trust it, she said, otherwise she would not have applied even to the CDU presidency. Because as CDU leader, you should expect to come as the Chancellor is out of the question.

It is the typical kind of answer. To position clearly, it is too hard even in the case of Yes/no questions. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer presented in “Maischberger” as a serious person, always careful to say the Right either nothing wrong. The fail at marriage for all thoroughly, because they defended their almost scandalous point of view, this is equated with incest and polygamy, as a personal Position. Often, she acts evasive, sometimes diplomatically, sometimes, kind of annoying really. And, you will feel in this particular point to Angela Merkel reminded. Rarely AKK flashes a Smile over your face, and even in the case of Sandra maisch Bergers detailed questions about family and Childhood. After all, it does not set in there once: “I think that you can say that I was a very rebellious child.”

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer “Maischberger says” …… a chancellorship

“If I would not trust that I would not be running as Chairman.” Primary role as CDU leader was to ensure that the party is in a position to ask the Registrar. This could also mean that another candidate will. Political responsibility is a responsibility, “which must always extend beyond the own Person and the own plans”.

… if you had not become a CDU-Chefin

“I could have had the opportunity used, to fold. I am lucky to have an environment that gives me the security: there is a life beside and after the policy.”

… a premature Adoption of the Chancellor’s office

“We have a constitutional situation, because it is not at all easy to leave a government or a change of personnel. For the Second: All the surveys show us that a large majority want Angela Merkel to remain in this legislature, Chancellor.”

… about possible coalitions

There will be no coalition with the AfD. The party Congress in Hamburg, had unanimously decided that the will “be no cooperation with the populists of the left and right”. So not with the left party. “Everything else is open.” A Jamaica-coalition has failed in the Federal on the first try, regrets.

… whether she is a feminist

“I have a hard time with the term” – especially when it comes to the “battle mode”, in which, for example, Alice Schwarzer, have put. “But if you mean, as a feminist, someone who occurs actively and consistently for the rights of women, then Yes.” Alice Black was “in your provocation is important in order to bring things on the way”. It is also conservative policy to bring by a woman in Congress or by politicians such as Rita Süßmuth, or Ursula von der Leyen, the Whole in a decent and acceptable level.”

… about the marriage for all

the Opening of The Definition of marriage as a community of man and woman in mountains, the risk that other claims are not excluded – “a marriage among close Relatives or more than two people”. So they had set the marriage of homosexual partners with incest and polygamy the same – both of which is a criminal offence. For this she was criticized hard. To multiple Demands maisch Bergers do not want to distance themselves from this definition and not settled on an answer. You stay with your “personal opinion”. Otherwise, the decision in favor of marriage for all like, “so it is, and I can be represented as CDU Chairman,”.

… on the Wearing of a headscarf

“The Problem with the headscarf is that it is an ambivalent character. It may be religiously derived, but it is at least the suspicion that there is a certain role of women. I catch myself when I see women with a headscarf, that the first thought that goes through my head, the question is always: voluntary or forced? This shows how this head scarf is also separates. And therefore, I am of the opinion that as to where we will do it with representatives in government functions, so as a teacher or judge, on the headscarf should be avoided.” (AKK wore for her audience with Pope Benedict himself a veil out of respect and “because Protocol demanded it.”)

… about the dirty word “professional politician”

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AKK starts to the year the sample


“It is often used as a dirty word. I’ve had the huge luck that I was able to bring my Hobby and my education – I studied political science under a hat.” The combination of scientific training with practical experience, have you always perceived as an advantage. In the family, in study and in professional internships you have done very well-their life experience outside of politics. “It is good, if we have a mixture in the parliaments, we have, but it should not be prescribed, who is allowed to run for office and who is not.” So that it is directed against an idea, politicians should earn at least five years of life, your money outside of the policy.

… about Wolfgang Schäuble

Maischberger: Estimates Wolfgang, one has the impression Schäuble that he is working in the Background against you? You have to ask Wolfgang Schäuble. What will he answer? I don’t know, you never know what Wolfgang Schäuble is responding. Do you trust him? I respect him. Ups, that doesn’t mean you trust him? I have not had so much to do with him, that it was a question of trust. For me he was always a great authority and a great respectful person.

sets the AKK completes the UK on 29. In March the EU … “hopefully ordered not to leave, if you stay here”.The CDU would have a double top I would share to me, the office favorite… “, Angela Merkel”.A temporal limitation of the chancellorship, I do not find convincing … “really”.A mosque with a minaret in my street I would … “as an expression of religiosity ok”.Angela Merkel’s larger political mistake was … [very long Silence and a shrug of the shoulders] … must decide for themselves”.That FC Bayern is German champion … “is a lot of hard work, but is not totally excluded”.The last Film I cried was … “fate is a lousy traitor”.For the first Time at the wedding of a homosexual couple, I was … “a few years ago, since it was still the civil Partnership”.The Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche operation allegedly 4250 Euro pension will get on the day, I think … “hard to explain”.AKK-position speed limit on the motorways? – “No”to the diesel driving bans wrong? – “Not in every case proportionate”Would you recommend to buy a Diesel? “Yes.”Food Traffic Lights? – “I’m for transparency, but I doubt that the traffic light is the right Instrument. A Yes And No.”Is tackle the refugee crisis of 2015? – “With regard to the high number of arrivals, Yes. As regards the question of the Integration of the people in the country, the further improvement of the method, not quite yet.”Re-introduction of the General conscription? “No, for the introduction of a General compulsory service.”The introduction of the minimum wage, right? “Yes. However, I would have wished that we would have Tariff-bound, and not as bureaucratic as it is now.”Top rate of tax increase? “No.”When is the solos gone? – “According to the CDU-decision at the latest at the end of the legislative session.”Hartz means IV poverty? – “For some people, Yes.”Coal’s exit is wrong? – “He is right, but he needs to be properly managed.”The energy supply to the Coal phase-out is safe? – “Since we are the only country that is also from the nuclear power drops out, out we can only from the coal, when it is secured. This is a prolonged process that decides, ultimately, whether this is until 2038.