The last name Kim is the most common family name in Korea. An estimated one out of every five inhabitants of the Peninsula is so – which is why it is very unlikely that the North Korean dictator is Kim (Jong-Un a first name basis), but also his closest environment – the Team that accompanied the rulers at the second summit with U.S. President Donald Trump in Vietnam. The men (and one woman) in the Background not much is known. It seems clear, however, that they play an important role in the closed guide in the Kim. Here is an Overview of the main heads and their respective roles:

Kim Yong Chol – the right Hand

Kim is a high-ranking party official, as the closest Confidant of the North Korean ruler. He traveled with him in the armored train to Vietnam. In the diplomatic negotiations with the United States, he is the contact person of U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. In January, he transferred to Washington a letter from Kim Jong-Un and mounted so that movement in the since the first summit in June negotiations. At the Meeting in Singapore – the first of heads of state of the two countries – had Kim Yong Chol monitors the conversations. It is expected that he will play in Hanoi a crucial role.