Ten years Michael Cohen worked as an unscrupulous lawyer and problem-solver for Donald Trump. “I’m the guy that would die for the President,” he had said two years ago. Since then it has clouded his relationship with the former chief.

a Good six hours of its settlement with Donald Trump took in front of the Oversight Committee of the U.S. Congress. It was the confession of a broken man. Of a man, after all these years, haunted by scruples. The had late, realized too late that he had followed a Blender and for him crime has been committed, bring him into prison. It is a prima was exemplary, because Cohen plated his allegations that Trump never, even against some of the allegations defended.

Michael Cohen, Donald trump’s sixth child

Cohen brings Trump still in big trouble. Because in front of the deputies the man, the Donald Trump is involved sat as a problem solver for its dirty most of the cases had, in the long years, so close that you referred to him as “Trumps the sixth child”. One would have to know about almost all the activities of his former boss know.

Now, Cohen called the President a liar, an imposter and a racist. The image of a business man who misses no opportunity to turn the crooked things of his subordinates in the manner of a Mafia boss’s dirty work that rubs even the hands, when he hears that a foreign Power, American democracy undermined in his favor.

Nothing of what was said by Cohen on Donald Trump, yet, to relieve him of the office. The Democrats are already hesitant, because the hurdles are high. Also, the opinion prevails in the American Ministry of justice for decades that an incumbent President may not be in a criminal case accused. If Trump loses the elections next year, he has to be feared with safety.

Because, when Michael Cohen told the truth, is involved Donald Trump at a minimum of four offenses:

violation of campaign Finance laws: Cohen submitted a copy of a cheque to the value of $ 35,000, the Trump signed when he was President. Hush money for porn star Stormy Daniels to cover up that she had Sex with him. Prosecutors could include investigation of a violation of the laws on election campaign financing. the conspiracy against the United States of America : Cohen stated that he had been in July of 2016, especially in the case of Trump, as trump’s Confidant Roger Stone called. The reported Trump, he just got off the phone with the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange. The told him that they would publish in the next few days, masses of E-Mails that hurt Hillary Clinton. “Not that would be great”, should be marked already a Trump. According to American intelligence information, the E-Mails were stolen by Russian hackers, in order to support his candidacy. Just as Cohen assumes that Trump knew about it, that his son, Donald Jr. and representatives of the campaign teams up with a Russian lawyer met the dirty Details about state Hillary Clinton had promised. Trump denies to this day, about this know, he even wrote a written statement to special investigator Robert Mueller, claimed that Roger Stone never told him of WikiLeaks. Against Trump’s investigation into a conspiracy against the United States could be initiated. Also, he might have against the election campaign laws when he should have claimed the assistance of a foreign government. the incitement to perjury: , Trump should have led Cohen to be in front of Congress to lie when he was asked about his efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. The project, Cohen, had also been pursued as a Trump in the middle of the presidential campaign. Trump’s lawyers had coordinated his lie in front of Congress. A false statement before the Congress, as well as the incitement to a criminal Offence. the fraud: As a Trump wanted to buy a football team and the German Bank needed money, pretended he was a much greater fortune than he possessed, indeed, in order to get the loan, Cohen. As it went, but to the tax Declaration, he thought, the value of his Golf courses systematically. Also the shops of Trumps now dissolved charitable Foundation could be examined by the public Prosecutor’s office, according to Cohen’s statement. Trump is said to have paid $ 60,000 from the Foundation’s assets to a straw man who should bid on an auction a portrait of him. Trump was obsessed with that image and his likeness was to achieve the highest price at the auction. Maybe Trump needs to pay for this vanity for a higher price, because it is a violation of several laws, the use of Foundation money for non-charitable purposes.Allegations add to the picture, well-known

Drama in the U.S. Congress

Cohen from holt against Trump: “He is a racist. He is a cheater. He is a fraud,”

It is a frightening, but all-too-familiar picture, the Michael Cohen signed with these allegations by the most powerful man in the world. It came as a surprise not very, as Cohen suggested, that in the case of the public Prosecutor’s office in New York and another, as yet unknown proceedings are pending in the Trump involved. All of this fits into a presidency, whose everyday life is characterized so much of the scandals and their cover-up, that not even the Republicans took the trouble to defend at the hearing in Congress, the moral character of Donald Trump. No one spoke of him as a sincere man. None of the alleged crimes of Donald Trump.

Instead, they attacked Michael Cohen. The man, the Trump followed unconditionally. And the lost everything.