Five days after the attack on two mosques in new Zealand, the first victims are buried. It was a father and his son, born a few months ago as refugees from Syria to Christchurch.

On Friday, wants to commemorate the country as a whole, with two minutes of silence out of the total of 50 deaths. Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the election campaign, Statements made to the attack for annoyance.

The two Syrians were buried in a cemetery that is located just a kilometre away from one of the two mosques. In Islam, it is actually common, Dead within 24 hours to bury. Because of the forensic investigation, the families have to wait for the release of the bodies, however, much longer than usual. With high probability, all 50 of death are the victims of Muslims. The alleged perpetrator – a 28-year-old right-wing extremist from Australia – sits in pre-trial detention.

the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern asked the survivors to have more patience. “I know how difficult and frustrating slowly from the point of view of the families,” she said, in a further visit in Christchurch. Up to Wednesday evening (local time) were only released 30 of the dead. Even 29 of the wounded were treated in various hospitals. Among the eight people who are still in a “critical condition”, is also a four-year-old girl.

A week after the fact new Zealand will put up on Friday two minutes of silence. At the time the whole country will stand still. Ardern also announced that there will be at a later date in Christchurch a national funeral. For the survivors, more than five million euros are now on a Bank account for donations received.

Meanwhile, there are as a result of the attack even diplomatic dispute. Australia ordered on Wednesday because of remarks made by President Erdogan, the Turkish Ambassador. The conservative Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, accused Erdogan to have in the First world war fallen Australian and new Zealand soldiers are “highly” offended. Morrison also refused an apology to accept. Ardern did not initially elaborate on the Statements.

Erdogan was sentenced during an appearance before the Turkish local elections at the end of March the attack as an attack on Islam and Turkey. At the same time, he warned that Australians with anti-Muslim sentiments could suffer the same fate as the soldiers who had fought in the First world war against the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan demanded the death penalty for the perpetrator. He added. “If new Zealand pulls him to justice, we will do this – on the other way.”


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