has Little to chose surprisingly Donald Trump for his first Interview after the end of the Russia-investigation of his house – and Hofsender Fox, where Sean Hannity spoke. The Moderator is almost something like an official President-Einflüsterer, which is why Trump, connected by phone, so expect comfortable chatting round. Anyway, they were both dazzling mood, after US special investigator Robert Mueller had spoken to the Trump Team of collusion with Moscow.

investigations were “treason” and “coup attempt”

But the silence of satisfaction is not so much the matter of the U.S. President. The almost two-year-long Russia-investigation referred to Donald Trump as a “betrayal”. “It was really a betrayal,” he said, and suggested that the responsible FBI had staged the investigation, so to speak, to get rid of him. “They wanted a roll-over. It is the attempt to take over the government and the country. We can not allow this kind of betrayal drives the other President’s,” said Trump, who described himself then as a “most innocent Person”.

Although Mueller was able to demonstrate to the President and his campaign team, no illegal collusion with Russia, did not want to relieve the special investigator to the President but also complete, as is clear from the summary of the final report – even if Donald Trump’s claims to the public. This somewhat unsightly stain on the President’s vest refers to the suspicion that Trump could have tried with the dismissal of then-FBI chief, James Comey, to obstruct the course of justice. This accusation, he is now trying, by yet give secret FBI documents, which are the starting points for Russia investigations of the Federal police.

Russia. Trump, not as the President

wanted a Total of the languages of the President and the TV presenter 45 minutes A lot of time to discuss also other consequences of the Russia-investigations, as well as the US policy in General:

About the (gemutmaßten) objectives of Moscow, he said Russia would have much rather, if Hillary Clinton, the US would have become President. Said to the rumours, the Russian government has information on Trump, the could harm him, he merely: “I’ll tell you what, if you had something, would it come already a long time ago.”To possible pardon of convicts, former employees such as Paul Manafort has remained silent Trump: “I don’t want to talk about Pardons. but what I can say is that it is sad on many levels.”Gets rid of the backpack of the FBI investigation, announced a Trump to get back to one of his favorite topics: the wall on the U.S. southern border. The President announced his intention to discuss soon to be in California on the progress of the construction of the wall. Recently, the US President had imposed a state of emergency, in order to get funds for the construction of the wall. So far, the activities are limited only to repair existing border installations or to replace. A side-swipe against the left members of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York, could not resist Donald Trump. The 29-Year-old thrilled with Umwelttehmen especially younger voters, such as the “Green New Deal”, to initiate an ecological change in the United States. Trump: “I would fight really like to have a choice. Because he was “ridiculous. The New Green Deal leads to nothing.”

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