US President Donald Trump looks in the Russia affair, “completely relieved”, the opposition Democrats, however, many open questions: Minister of justice Bill Barr presented a summary of the report by special investigator Robert Mueller (click here to read more about the backgrounds). The most important points in the Overview.

The first Details from the report of special investigator Robert Mueller at a Glance

conspiracy in the election campaign in 2016

Mueller sees as evidence that Russia tried to influence the presidential election in 2016. This was done by a disinformation campaign in social networks and hacker attacks on the campaign team of Trumps democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, as well as the publication of this trophy E-Mails. With Russia related persons, made according to Barr’s summary even “numerous offers” to support the Trump Team.

Mueller but could not find any clandestine cooperation of the Trump camp with Russia. Barr is not quoted verbatim from Mueller’s report: “The investigation revealed that members of the Trump-election campaign team conspired with the Russian government in the election of a non-interference activities, or coordinated.”

obstruction of Justice

Mueller also looked at whether or not Trump justice for the disabled investigations to the Russia-affair – for example, through the dismissal of then-FBI chief James Comey in may 2017. The special investigator comes to no clear conclusion: “On the one hand, this report comes to the conclusion that the President has committed a Crime, on the other hand, he is relieved, too”, – quotes the Minister of justice of Mueller’s report. The Ministry therefore concludes that there is no sufficient evidence for a criminal Offence of the President. The opposition Democrats, who particularly want to go into this question now, but in more detail.

No additional charges

Mueller’s investigation led to 34 indictments, including 25 Russian citizens, and six former employees of the President. According to Barr, it will remain: Neither Mueller’s report other charges to recommend, yet there is so far kept under lock and key Indictments, writes the Minister of justice.

Figures to be the investigation

In the course of the nearly two-year investigation, Mueller relied on 19 lawyers and some 40 FBI agents, experts and other employees. The Team spoke to more than 2800 cases, subpoenas or requested documents, interviewed approximately 500 witnesses, took place around 500 searches and found 13 requests for legal assistance abroad.

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