In the summer of 2018, died in Marlon. Marlon was a English bulldog, white with caramel-colored spots. He was the beloved pet of the couple, Simone and Sven J. from Dresden, could not deal with the death of the dog – totally unexpected in a really harmless Routine-surgery – and wanted to. He was only four years old. You decided for an action that is not legal in Germany: they wanted to leave their Marlon cloning.

this is Possible, in contrast to the Federal Republic of Germany, in South Korea. Therefore, the two allowed themselves to from the veterinarian, the tissue of her deceased dog samples and traveled with these to Asia. In Seoul, officer Simone and Sven, the clinic “Sooam Biotech” in Seoul in order to let your Marlon “true to nature” again. Around 90,000 euros to the cost of this project to the Couple, reports RTL News. Marlon 2 is the first cloned dog, is growing up in Germany.

The long Wait for the flight permission

The cloning succeeded, in the autumn of 2018, the little Marlon 2 came to the world, hosted by a four-legged surrogate mother. When he grew up. In December, Simone and Sven were able to visit their little treasure in Seoul and for the first Time in the arms. Home of the bulldogs Baby but couldn’t, because the permit for the long flight should he get only seven months.

Now the waiting time for the dog and the family is over: The small clone-dog took on the long journey and met at Frankfurt airport finally to its owner, which took him over the moon with home to Dresden.

Now, Marlon 2 was allowed to go home

For Simone and Sven, the Experiment is assumed, apparently, completely satisfactory – hopefully for the small Marlon 2. But there are good reasons why the cloning of Pets in Germany is permitted and animal protection associations even is to be condemned. When trying the cloning process may occur numerous failed attempts: animal babies are dead or deformed, are born, die early or are very sickly. Also the animals, the babies are only “successful” clone, often die much earlier than normal begotten conspecifics.

There remains to be hope that Marlon 2 still remains healthy for a long time and well and with his people-a happy dog can result in parents life. For all who do not have $ 90,000 left, or the clone skeptical of are: Also in the animal shelters very, very sweet animals waiting for new owners!

source: RTL / “image”