at Least six shots halls on Wednesday night through the upscale neighborhood on Staten Island, New York. Luxurious villas with swimming pools on the expansive property are strung together here. In one of them, Francesco “Frank” Cali, lives with his wife and small children. But on this evening he can’t make it to the door. Hit by six bullets Cali collapses next to his car. The unknown shooter hit the injured man with his blue Pick-up truck before he is racing. Cali died a short time later. So reports several witnesses, according to the “New York Times”, “New York Post” and the BBC.

For the past four years, the Cali is supposed to have the infamous Gambino Clan Boss. This is one of the famous “Five families” of New York, which inspired with your organizational structure, including the higher-level “Commission”, a kind of Supervisory Board, numerous Mafia books and movies. Once the Gambinos were the most influential and most powerful criminal organization in the United States. In the early 90s, however, many leading figures were arrested and sentences to long imprisonment. Including the then Boss, John Gotti.

John Gotti and the “Steak House Massacre”

that Gotti was there also, for the until Wednesday last assassination attempt on a sitting Mafia Boss in New York. It should be remembered as a “Steak House Massacre” in the criminal history of the United States. In 1985, a certain Constantino Paul Castellano ran the business of the clan, a paranoid, and not wrongly, as it turned out. The 70-Year-old had holed up at the time, as numerous media reports, mainly in his Villa on Staten Island – the area seems to be this clientele popular. Even Don Corleone in the Mafia classic “The godfather” in 1972, lived here.

The anxious Castellano, however, was of John Gotti, then a so-called Capo at the Gambinos, at 16. December 1985, invited to a Meeting at the Sparks Steak House in Manhattan. American Mafia families are often structured in “Boss”, “Underboss,” and several “Capos”, which, in turn, have “soldiers”. Castellano left so on this winter day, its fortress, to meet with Gotti. In front of the Restaurant but a hit squad waiting for him, the low-stretched Castellano velvet of a close Familiar with a number of balls.


The Mafia Boss Francesco “Frank” Cali. in front of his house on Staten Island, New York, with six balls literally hung

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Gotti then after coming to Power, and put himself at the head of the Gambino family He led the organization, as cynical as this may sound, your glorious time. Gotti was very present in the media, made it, among other things, on the title pages of “Time”, “People” and “New York Times Magazine”. He was regarded as a modern, second -, Al Capone, also because he could draw in spite of several judicial processes against him again and again from the affair. Presumably because the witnesses and Jury were intimidated members.

Bitter wars and the decline of the Gambinos

the heads of The other influential families were, in part, bitter enemies of God. So the killing of Castellano had not been approved according to numerous newspaper reports of the “Commission,” and therefore unrechtens in the craziness of the Mafia world. In addition, miss fell, therefore, the other bosses, Gotti lived such a startling and ever-media attention to your industry moved in. Only a few months after the seizure of power escaped the scintillating new Boss just a car-bomb attack. One of his highest-ranking employees had less luck. It kindled a bloody war between several families in New York. None of the leaders was killed.

organized crime

threaten, argue, go together in the Puff. On a single business trip with the Mafia

Under God, rule of the Gambino Clan at that time was regarded as the most powerful criminal organization in the United States. This rule took place in 1992, but came to an abrupt end in court, thanks to a downright brilliant Kniffes the FBI investigators. They had bugged an Apartment above his headquarters and Gotti, it is recorded, how he planned criminal activity, but, above all, how he is ranting and raving about one of his Capos. Which, in turn, the FBI investigator played later and moving him in court against Gotti and others to testify. The second Al Capone “in the fourth start-up has been tried” but then guilty and, among other things, murder, extortion and organised crime to life imprisonment without Chance of parole.

Many leaders of the Gambino clan migrated in the 90s and early zero years either in prison or disappeared in the witness protection program. John Gotti, who headed the Clan for years to come from the jail, died there in the year 2002. The Power and influence of the family decreased with time, more and more, until today, but it is one of the “Five families” of New York.

now in front of his house executed Frank Cali rose with the years higher and higher in the organization. In 2008, he was convicted of extortion and was sitting 16 months in prison. In 2012, he was promoted according to media reports, the “Underboss” and is supposed to have taken over in 2015, the business of the family completely. Up to this Wednesday night.

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