After more than ten years at the helm of the party, Horst Seehofer put down on Saturday the CSU chairmanship-in-chief. How do you assess in retrospect the Era Seehofer?

took over As Seehofer, the CSU, in 2008, she had lost in the state election just 17 percentage points and the absolute majority. He has returned to the CSU after that, your face and your self-confidence and, in 2013, for the absolute majority brought back. This was a great performance and will also have before in history. Of this power he has, however, sapped, perhaps too long.

Why too long?

Seehofer was about his whole political career, always a solo player. Neither party, nor consultant, he has heard. He has made policy almost exclusively from the belly. This trend has intensified for him after the Triumph of 2008. Today, we live in a highly differentiated and individualised society. You need your design more functional and more complex political approaches.

And this is what is missing in the case of Seehofer?

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The political scientist, Born in 1942, is the Director of the Institute for the training of journalists in Passau. Prior to that, he taught as a Professor at the University there, and ran from 1993 to 2011, the Academy for Political education in Tutzing.

The final phase of the Era Seehofer is characterized by a decline of the CSU, which has led to a renewed loss of alone government. This is of course not his fault, but it also has something to do with him and his policy style. Seehofer has a really respectable live performance. But he’s remained an old-fashioned politician. He trusts only himself and his political instinct. In a highly fragmented, diverse society with very different expectations to political parties and too little. You can be in the 21st century. Century does not make policy, as in the days of Helmut Kohl. Seehofer is now in effect, at the end of his career, sometimes fallen out of time.

Markus Söder is now to lead as the new Chairman of the CSU. Actually, Söder is a downright classic representative of the old CSU school: conservative, polemical, power-conscious. Can it work in today’s time?

Söder trying now for months, of these old write-UPS to get away. He wants to invent a kind of new: as a balancing, meditative, dialogue-ready politicians.


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“We are much more able to” – BKA warns of possible copycat

By Daniel Wüstenberg

people Take that to him?

What makes Söder, is a Denial of his own career. Since I have in mind even if it is accepted by the people. According to the demo copy, he has a credibility problem. What he’s trying to, might be reasonable, but whether or not that is understandable, if the same Person enters at once as a 180-degree Turned in front of the people? This Problem, however, has not only Söder, the CSU as a whole. If you proclaimed: We are now decent – then that means in reverse: We were not there previously.

At the state election, the CSU took a good 37 percent, compared with earlier triumphs, a sobering result. Choice, which is, traditionally, a reminder choice, the next Disaster looming in Europe?

The CSU is in this election in a special Situation because it provides with Manfred Weber, the top candidate of the Christian conservative parties for the post of EU Commission chief. Before the last European election Seehofer, Peter Gauweiler has brought to a designated EU-critics on the campaign front. So something more would be today.

What is different this time for the CSU?

she is in a completely new role: she is now the pioneer of the European integration idea. Weber has a free Hand in the Election campaign, the scepter was passed from Munich to Brussels. The CSU is propagated now, what they fought for ten years, violently and denied: multilateralism, European Integration and compensation. A few months ago, Söder has spoken of the possible end of the “child multilateralism”. This is a daring u-turn. The CSU seems to people a lot.

CSU General Secretary Markus flower will make the party with a comprehensive Reform to be younger, female, digital. The flap can?

Such reform efforts has always existed. But I have the impression that it is meant this time more serious than in the past. Flower puts it, with the whole force of his personal commitment. He switched now to other Offices. He sees that the willingness to identify with the CSU is in the young people and those who pull from the outside to Bavaria, very low.

violent excess in Amberg

“you must leave our Land”: Seehofer calls after thrashing attack stricter laws


these are, however, no new insights.

no, this is actually Shocking at the state of the CSU. If a party needs to be halved from its highest results, the obtained time virtually, until you, until you really notice, what around you society is going on, what fundamental changes have taken place, then you have to ask the question to the rationality and the realistic look of the party apparatus and the political leadership. Here must have taken place over the years in the CSU, an incredible displacement and denial of reality.

Last updated the Greens, CSU could win voters for themselves. How dangerous is the intrusion of Green into CSU’s Milieu?

The emigration from the CSU goes in all directions: To the AfD, to the Green, to the Free voters. This is actually Dangerous. Because the people’s party-concept Deplete that has made the party once. After all, the CSU has not mobilized at the last state election but also 250,000 of prior voters. This shows that There are people in considerable number, which can tear the CSU from their political lethargy and. The go to choose when they realize that it is for the CSU really serious. And if you noticed, that this party, fights and defends itself. Such a mood has Söder in the final spurt of the election campaign generated, with an extremely high degree of personal commitment. You have to recognize. It would otherwise be assumed for the CSU probably much worse.

But in the ultra-conservative regulars in lower Bavaria, just as points, such as in the case of the green-tinged dentist’s wife in Munich-Bogenhausen? This is all about? Or party ends not at some point in a political schizophrenia?

This question turns, in fact. The environment, life, lifestyles – all of which is always drifts further and further apart and solidifies.

This individualism seeks a political expression. National parties can no longer be home, like I used to, because many people do not want to compromise more. Parliaments with six or seven parties will be in future, therefore, rather the normal case. And: I see a large potential for new Party formations.

year in review

political quotes of the year

“I’m not from a Chancellor to be dismissed, just because of me, Chancellor”


As you can see, the chances of the CSU for the future?

the Status of The CSU as the people’s party is in serious danger. This is not a new insight. What is new is that the leading people of the CSU to admit that now, at least implicitly, by the fact that they emphasize that reforms, and attitude changes are urgently needed. The entire political appearance must change. The victory colossus of yore, the niederwalzt everything that was once fit in the time.

Markus flower wants a living, breathing party, a party that is open also for people who might not want to be a member, but to engage with other want to exchange. That sounds good to me.

Sure, that sounds good. A party must today have a very different reaction and willingness to integrate than in the past, if you want to survive. And for that, you must be able to “” breath, that is, constantly in touch to keep to the company in exchange with people, you must not degenerate into a hermetically sealed political Association. But in the concept of “breathing party” is also an inherent contradiction and is not easily solved.

What is the contradiction?

the party always means the organisational structure and the solidified Form. If you allow other forms of Participation beyond the membership, then the question of whether a party can be as an organization so to offer something arises at a certain point. If a lot of the mechanisms of intra-party education and career organization with such a concept is still compatible.

you mean, the members, the complete good, the slog, the Chapter started – which might at some point rebel against the side of a beginner?

I would not talk so disparagingly of the “ox tour”. Of course, the commitment in parties is always to the views of the leadership positions and political career prospects. But if the a involved for many years as members, sessions, posters, glue, and the party Fund, and then it says: We are now a living, breathing party, and for us, other people are interesting, then this can quickly lead to a sense of devaluation of long-term political commitment. So a party from the inside is hollowed out.

again and again it is said, that parties are out of fashion, the future of easygoing belong to associations in the Form of “movements”.

I am very skeptical. We see in France, but especially in the case of Emanuel Macrons “En Marche”, as a movement without a fixed, resilient organizational structure falls under the pressure of protests by the “yellow West” crashing in on itself. Macron has lost the contact to the country, because the political base is missing, so what the CSU called in their heyday, their “capillary system” which, in the Association everywhere in the society. The a single politician can, and he had to compensate so charismatic, never.