The stories told Manfred Ludwig the students of a fifth grade, no Good-night-stories. He told of severed arms, of brain damage, of the dead.

He shows photographs of crushed bicycles, from a child’s coffin next to a railway crossing. Most of the stories are happening in the immediate vicinity of the pupil, to whom he is today.

Manfred Ludwig is the prevention officer of the Federal police in the Bavarian town of Selb. He wants to make the pupils of the elementary and middle school in Kirchenlamitz near Bayreuth during his visit, don’t be afraid – he wants to warn you. In front of the Play in the Track, before Crossing a railway crossing barrier down with relaxed, before the tests of courage and Selfies in the track bed.

“With such a photos to show some of the girls in the social media of your friendship,” explains the police employees. The two related and seemingly infinite rails felt some of the girls as a Symbol of a close friendship. A life-threatening gesture.

In the Swabian town of Memmingen in 2011, two girls died on the tracks. Two years later, two Friends crashed in the Westphalian city of Lünen fatal. “Their Instagram Profiles are deleted. You now need no more pictures,” says Ludwig to the students. In the upper Franconian city of Hof took Ludwig’s colleagues only a few weeks ago, two 14-Year-old with their mobile phones from the track bed before a train came.

“we Can’t make the photos on railroad tracks that are no longer used?”, the ten-year-old Lea asks. “You never know, whether there are really no trains,” says the policeman. “If you need the photo, be sure your social media, provides you with image editing programs,” advises Ludwig. Other experts would probably advise against this: on The wrong photos could eventually bring more children to the idea of going on real tracks.

“the photos on railway facilities will also be made as a test of courage,” says a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn. The phenomenon to take definitely. Some teenagers climbed on the standing trains or overhead line masts. The overhead wires are also a mortal danger. “The current can jump up to one Meter,” explains Ludwig to the students. Burning in 2017 plunged to a 14-Year-old in Bremen from a Mast to the ground after he wanted to make mobile photos.

According to the Federal police in 2018, nine people have died due to traction power, including a child. A total of three children died in accidents on railway facilities to be fatal. How many of those children photos will be fatal, is unclear. Also the number of the Track-Selfies without dire consequences not covered by the railway according to their own information. to prevent

accidents, work railroad and Federal police closely together, as both emphasize. Among other things, with the campaign “Safe it” for railroad crossings. The Selfie-Trend, the railway has picked up already in 2015, in a Youtube Video. “The dangers you can’t make often enough attention,” says a spokesman for the Federal police. For the prevention officials, the police, the media, put together packages, which the schools could go.

Manfred Ludwig has tailored his presentation for the students in upper Franconia specifically to your Region. He knows the unlimited level crossings in the vicinity. He has newspaper reports of accidents in the area. In eighth-grade classes, he explains to the students. If friends demand a test of courage, such as stones on the tracks or in front of a train on the tracks running, advises Ludwig to be: “Better to have a scaredy-cat.” Who could say no, was also cool.

Ludwig three to four Times per week at schools, on-the-go. The 58 care-Year-old just four counties. Particularly the work of enlightenment for Selfies seems to be like a barrel without a bottom. “I don’t recognize any decline,” says Ludwig. The incidents remained at a relatively high level. Also, a teacher reported it.

The students in Kirchenlamitz to listen carefully and ask a lot of questions. Only at the end of all speechless, almost. Ludwig will show you two Videos from surveillance cameras. On you to see how the children only in the last second in front of a train in safety. “The trains are often so quiet, so that you can hear them,” explains Ludwig. And on the smooth rails, the trains would take very long for the brakes. “And until they are, the trains are still a stretch as long as ten football fields.”

The training along with the nightmare stories could also be for adults is advisable. Photos on train tracks to be found in the power of balancing adults, couples, people walking with their dogs, from professional photo shoots. Alone under the Hashtag #tracks Instagram shows almost 40 000 images. The least come of children.