Potsdam (dpa) – the rail has been found in the past few years, in the case of body injuries, a decline in stations in Germany.

The Federal police registered 2018 11.308 offences of this kind, such as from a list from the Friday show, which is present the German press Agency. In the year 2017, therefore, 11.605 cases of bodily harm were counted in the year 2016, there were 12.028. Prior to that, the number of cases was, however, lower at 10.483.

Overall, noted the Federal police in the past few years, less criminal offences at railway stations: Were it 2016 yet 165.043, the number dropped in the year 2017 on 139.622 and in the past year on 133.571.

The Federal police had announced after the deadly Rail attack in Frankfurt/Main, to show more presence on heavily used stations, in order to increase the protection against violent crime. On Monday, a 40-year-old man had encountered a mother and her eight-year-old son in the Frankfurt Central station in front of an incoming train. The Boy was crushed by the ICE and killed, the mother was able to save himself. In the week before that a 28 had encountered-Year-old in Voerde on the lower Rhine, a 34-Year-old in front of an incoming train and killed.

The most frequently occurring Crime at railway stations in Germany was, according to the listing, the Federal police anti-theft. Also these cases were on the decline: The Federal police counted 30.094 thefts in the past year – after 35.261 cases, 2017 and 41.609 cases, 2016. The number of crimes, damage to property, including Graffiti fell from 29.538 in the year 2016 24.137 in the year 2017 on 22.724 in the past year.

There were also offences, which increased The cases of trespassing decreased from 16.498 in 2016, only on 14.926 in the year 2017, but rose to 18.902. Cases of drug-related crime increased in the period from 6726 to 8911.

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