Germany also wants to remain in the space competitive and dares, therefore, again calls for a national space law.

A draft should have been submitted in the course of the coming year, said the Federal government Commissioner for air and space travel, Thomas Jarzombek (CDU), the German press Agency. “It is crucial that we create liability provisions, with which German space actors in the European competition in the future can be successful.” On the key points of the draft law, they wanted to reach 2019 with the specialist departments.

The competent Ministry of economy wants to make the law so that it contains the minimum number of regulatory and bureaucratic obstacles for private investment in space projects. Unlike the aerospace industry required, to be included in the law not set out concrete targets for space mining, i.e. the extraction of raw materials in space. Instead, you want to use, first, rules at the level of the United Nations.

critics of national space laws point to the fact that the came into force in 1967, the international outer space Treaty already contained all the necessary rules. This specifies that the raw materials in the space must be accessible to all.

in the last term, there were already plans for a world space law, and ultimately, it came, however, on the way. Many other space Nations, including the United States and Russia have poured their rules already in the law. In Europe, Luxembourg has, in this respect, the nose in front.


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