The serious allegations against the environmental Foundation WWF, you support the brutal gamekeeper, have also alerted the Federal government. The Federal environment Ministry (BMU) will take the allegations “very seriously”, said a spokeswoman for the German press Agency.

“We are going to examine the allegations, in particular whether and to what extent, also from the BMU-funded projects could be affected, and a rapid and comprehensive reconnaissance push.” The Online magazine, “Buzzfeed” was reported, the WWF support have for many years gamekeeper, and tortured suspected poachers, or even murdered.

The observance of human rights in the case of project funding in partner countries is for the Ministry of the environment “a top priority”, said the spokesperson. For the financing of projects in the framework of the International climate initiative (IKI) is the compliance with environmental and social standards mandatory. Accordingly, the organizations that conducted them, were obliged, in accordance with the rules of the Green climate Fund. In the annual Reports the compliance with these Standards will be queried.

“Buzzfeed” has reached in Africa and Asia are victims of brutal paramilitary Rangers, with whom the WWF work together. “We take any allegations very seriously,” said the WWF in London. The organization had strict rules for yourself and your Partner for the protection of the local population. “Human rights are at the core of our Mission,” said the WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature). It is one of the largest environmental organizations in the world.