After the rejection of a U.S. military mission in the Strait of Hormuz, the Federal government explores the possibilities of a European deployment.

“Basically, the Federal government considered the proposal for a Maritime protection mission of the European States still is worth consideration,” said the Deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer on Monday in Berlin. “We are also in discussions with the European partners in the exchange.”

According to information of the Federal foreign office will later this week at a high official level talks with France on it. Also within the European Union in Brussels they wanted to talk about it.

A spokesman for the defence Ministry left no doubt that the German Navy could participate in such a Mission. “From the time that the German Navy has been able to provide all the requirements that have been brought to its attention. I see no reason why that should not in the future, so be it.”

The Federal government had beaten off in the past week, a request from the United States to participate in a Mission for the protection of trade in the Persian Gulf. The reason: you don’t want to support the US strategy of “maximum pressure” on Iran. Above all, the Union is now pressing to provide a European Mission to protect the trading vessels on the legs.

The conflict between Iran and the United States has the route of the security situation on the main trade through the Strait of Hormuz, dramatically deteriorated. In the last few weeks there have been ships and attacked set.

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