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Federal police has, in Bavaria, more than 5000 migrants (12.27 p.m.)the Federal government has no plans for a speed limit on the motorways (12.18 PM): 70,000 people protest in Brussels for more climate protection (11.27 p.m.)at Least three people Dead and 172 injured by the hurricane in Havana (10.32 PM)

38 people from a Taliban prison in Afghanistan (10.20 PM)

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+++ 14.05 PM: the Pope makes the blood shed in Venezuela fear +++

Pope Francis has shown in the face of the crisis in Venezuela is extremely concerned: “What scares me? The Shedding Of Blood. (…) The blood is not a solution,” said the Catholics, the head of the night on Monday at the press conference in the papal plane from Panama city to Rome. “I suffer because of what is happening in Venezuela.”

The Pontiff was doing in the continuing fight, however, no page. “I would not put myself in a role that I know of”, which could cause damage. “In this Moment, I support the suffering of the Venezuelan people, because it is a (whole) people,” said Francis. The Argentine had already made during his stay in Panama for world youth day to the unrest in the South American country, and for a “just and peaceful solution” in compliance with the human rights.

+++ 13.44 PM: authorities are investigating serious gas explosion in The Hague +++

The exact cause of the severe Explosion in a residential building in The Hague, Netherlands was on Monday still unclear. The authorities were of a gas explosion, said a spokesman for the city. The investigations lasted. The Explosion had injured ten people. On the nature of the injury, nothing was communicated. In the night to Monday a man had been alive from the rubble recovered. He came to the hospital.

44 apartments in neighboring buildings were, as a precaution, had been evacuated. The violent Explosion had torn away the entire front page of the three-storey residential building.

+++ 13.36 PM: United Nations concerned over violence against refugees from Venezuela +++

UN aid organizations have condemned violence against refugees from the crisis-ridden Venezuela. In recent days, Venezuelans in neighboring countries are threatened, in part, and been attacked. “Hatred, intolerance and xenophobia are extremely worrying,” said Eduardo Stein, special representative of the UN refugee Agency, UNHCR, and the organization for Migration (IOM) for migrants from Venezuela.

the seriousness of The situation in the oil-rich country has the largest population movement in the recent history of Latin America triggered. So far, the neighboring countries have shown great solidarity. Stone called on the media and users of social media, negative attitudes to denounce and not to increase. UNHCR and IOM are in use, in order to support migrants and the communities that you take. Economic mismanagement has plunged the oil-rich country into a deep crisis. According to IOM figures have fled since 2016, more than two million Venezuelans.

+++ 13.26 PM: EU Commission keeps under the house-vote for the Brexit “Plan A,” + + +

Before the vote on the future Brexit-rate in the British house of Commons, the EU Commission excluded again, a re-negotiation of the withdrawal agreement. The British government has agreed on the Brexit Treaty was “open to renegotiations,” said a Commission spokesman. The controversial solution to belong to, in order to prevent a “hard border” between Northern Ireland and Ireland. The EU will continue to work “for Plan A”.