For the past three years, euthanasia is available as a service under penalty of Tuesday at the Federal constitutional court for two full days a number of lawsuits against the ban.

With the paragraph 217 of the penal code wanted to prevent the legislature that assisted Suicide clubs such as euthanasia Germany or Dignitas of Switzerland to expand their offerings for paying members. Apart from such Associations, palliative care physicians and other Doctors with complaints in Karlsruhe, Germany. (Az. 2 BvR 2347/15, etc.)

you fear to do with their work punishable by law, or die, keep help in ausweglosem Suffering is acceptable. Of the seriously ill people who have complained, because you want to take yourself using a euthanasia-club life, died during the long process some.

the trial of The Second Senate will be continued on Wednesday. The verdict will be announced, according to experience, at the earliest, in a few months.