In the Federal employment Agency, a personnel change at the highest level on the horizon. For weeks, the dispute over the future of Board member Valerie Holsboer smolders and Nuremberg’s authority collapsed in the worst crisis for 15 years. Despite the backing of more than 1000 employees of the Supreme staff and financial head of the Federal Agency threatened on Friday to the early dismissal.

At the regular meeting of the BA Board of Directors had planned to request her dismissal, told the German press Agency from the environment of the body. Well-informed circles assume that, in addition to the employers ‘ side is also on the Board of Directors, represented employees page for the dismissal will vote. The dismissal of the 42-year-old fully qualified lawyer, however, would agree to the Federal government. The Board of Directors together with representatives of the Federal government, the länder and the municipalities the work of the BA Board.

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Niels Kruse With Valerie Holsboer would leave the only woman on the Board of Directors

It would be the second early dismissal of a Federal Agency Manager since the dismissal of Florian Gerster in 2004. Gerster had stumbled over controversial consulting contracts. Holsboer is the only female member in the of Detlef Scheele-mentioned three-member Board of Directors. Your five-year contract officially ends in the year 2022. They had taken over in 2017, the personnel and financial Department by former BA chief Frank – Jürgen Weise.

wanted To since the beginning of June, circulating dismissal rumors, neither of the BA Board of Directors Chairman Peter Clever comment yet Holsboer. The press office of the Federal employment Agency, in turn, declined to comment with regard to the fact that it was a Board matter. In the environment of Holsboer hope to be able to at the last Moment, but still a part of the Board members and the premature deposition to prevent sway is meanwhile.

the Background of the dismissal plans, according to information from the German press Agency, the dissatisfaction of Parts of the Board with Holsboers work. She was overwhelmed with the task of the Federal Agency to rebuild for the upcoming change of the labour market, simply, reported insiders. “After two years of work at the head of the Federal Agency, I would have expected more expertise,” it said in Board circles. Holsboer have proposed a number of innovations, implemented, hardly anything had been used. Also, your repeated gross errors are running under.