“Generation of Wealth” is the name of the exhibition of the photographer Lauren Greenfield, the from 30. March is to be seen in Hamburg, Haus der Photographie in the Deichtorhallen for the first Time in Germany. For 25 years the award-winning artist millionaires and billionaires has photographed and gives your work a unique insight into the lives of those who have achieved extraordinary prosperity. Your work takes you from Los Angeles to Moscow and Dubai to China. In the case of “Generation of Wealth” in the statement of the photographer, not the Rich themselves but the desire to be rich.

To see Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney in their youth, before the Reality Show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” made it to millionaire inside. Or a single mother from Atlanta, who earns as a stripper in a week for $ 20,000.

Lauren Greenfield: to visit Xue Qiwen

In China, Greenfield to visit the millionaire Xue Qiwen. Rich was with a company that sells industrial cable. Now you can afford the membership in the three Golf clubs – for a monthly fee of $ 100,000. Your apartment in Shanghai has decorated with pompous furniture, of your favorite brand Versace.

it is allowed to Shine While in China, everything from Gold, is popular with the oligarchs-women’s in Moscow now, apparently, simpler Design. At least in the case of Ilona. The young mother is a Fan of the Russian artist and designer Andrey Artjomow. He is the Creator of the fashion line Walk of Shame, takes the Mickey out of. Expensive of its Designs are but still.

In the Russian capital, he finds enough customers. More than 100,000 millionaires live in Moscow, and the trend is rising. In addition, there are, according to the Website, “wealth insight” about 85 billionaires there. And those are just the ones you know. More billionaires live in Hong Kong and New York.