A man from London was 26 years old and mentally ill, as he died in his parents ‘ house in the North of the metropolis. His strictly religious family believed he was possessed by the devil and tried to heal him. With ropes, handcuffs and cable ties you have to tie the skilled marketing Manager and kept in for days and days, until his death.

The incident occurred in August 2016 and is being negotiated in these days before the court. As the public Prosecutor’s office at the opening of the process, reported on Monday by the family, to cure his illness through prayers. “They took the law into their own hands and ended his life,” said the Prosecutor to the British “Independent”.

exorcism in Congress

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By Jannik Wilk autopsy shows 60 injuries, including bite wounds

On the Morning of the death at 22. August 2016 called a brothers an ambulance. At this time, the Ill, however, already unconscious, and the Attempts of the rescue doctors to revive him were unsuccessful. As the family led a “Ritual of revival”, called one of the paramedics, the police. One of the brothers is said to have appealed to the dead: “I charge you in the name of Jesus, you.”

The victim’s parents and his five brothers are now accused of manslaughter and deprivation of liberty, the best riding so far, however, all of the allegations. The autopsy of the dead speaks against them: More than 60 injuries to the body of the young man had, including some of the wounds, the bites close.

the family asked the London Minister, to help

the 64-father, and one of his brothers have injuries. “My brother was aggressive, and said again and again by the number of the beast, 666, God forgive him,” said the injured brother to the police. The 666 is a biblical number, which is considered as a sign of the Antichrist. Thus a biblical, six-headed Monster is associated with. The 56-year-old mother of the victim told the officers that her son would be fighting against himself.

a Few days before the death of the Diseased, the family sought help from the circle of their religious community. So his mother called, among other things, to the Minister of the “Jesus Sanctuary Ministries” in London, and asked in addition, two other Ministers to come to your home and pray for your son. “You decided to go for a cure in their own home, instead of getting timely medical help. The binding is carried out by the family, led to the death of the young man,” said the staatsw lawyer told the BBC. “They acted according to their misguided religious Beliefs, not common sense.”

sources: the Independent, BBC