TV-Moderator Reinhold Beckmann has distanced itself from participation in a birthday party of the former Spiegel journalist Matthias Matussek. The TV presenter had played for the previous friend to the Bob Dylan classic “Things have changed” on the guitar and sung. The Problem: Matussek has changed over the years, politically a left of ‘ 68 to a tight right. He describes himself as a “misogynist, Nationalist, dark Catholic”.

At the Party were old companions Matusseks some of his new friends. Among other things, the extreme Right-wing Mario Müller of the Identitarian movement. Additional guests: Erika Steinbach, once member of Parliament and now head of the AfD-middle-Desiderius-Erasmus-Stiftung; Dieter Stein, founder and managing Director of the right weekly “Junge Freiheit“; Andrew Lombard, editor-in-chief of right magazine, “Cato“, and presenter of numerous AfD events.

Matussek even posted a Video of Beck’s “shining song”:

Beckmann took in a long Text on his Facebook page after he had suffered for his appearance in the social media a lot of criticism. Among other things, he wrote: “What was quite clear to me, in what society he would actually be celebrating his birthday. Clearly, I can think of. I must admit, I got lost there, I would have to take you there. We knew each other for a long time and I no longer recognized him. It is simply nothing more from the old Matussek, barely old friends, many new right attitude buddy. How bitter.”

Massive criticism from Jan böhmermann

Jan Böhmermann turns on in the debate. The TV presenter and satirist demanded by the magazine “mirror” for clarification as to whether the sheet “had advance knowledge of this meeting”. Among the guests Matusseks also known as the “mirror”-journalists such as Alexander Smoltczyk and Jan Fleischauer next to Beckmann.

sources: “Frankfurter Rundschau”, “image”, Facebook, Twitter


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