The coordinator for German help in the reconstruction of Notre-Dame, Barbara Schock-Werner, argued for a roof truss made of steel.

“I’m leaning toward a steel roof for safety reasons,” said the former Cologne Cathedral master of the German press Agency. In France, you will think differently about it: “I know that the architects at the top in Notre Dame want to go back to a wooden roof truss.” The discussion is not over yet. The Paris Cathedral was on 15. April by fire was damaged.

Also for reasons of weight, the French architect advocated for a roof truss made of wood, said Schock-Werner. Roof trusses made of steel are much easier, because you get along with less Material. This could lead to damage in the masonry. “Because you would have to introduce an additional weight, which is aligned with the wall construction,” said architect and art historian. This could be a ceiling, for example, a concrete, as they had been collected in Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral after the Second world war.

If you decide for a wooden roof, can the roof rider, or crossing tower, of the architect Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th century. Century to reconstruct. He was on 15. April rapidly burned to the ground. In the case of a steel roof truss is the not, go said the 71-Year-old. Since you had to choose a new design. “You have to be very careful not to fall in love to very taste of the time. What is now very chic, all say maybe in 20 years: “For God’s sake, how could you?”” The roof tab of the Cologne Cathedral, which had been created after the bombings of the Second world war, applicable, today, as “hideous”.

The temporal dimensions of the reconstruction could be a month after the fire yet. May only feed once a ceiling in the Church, “and if necessary, you can celebrate in five years under the ceiling act of worship.” The French President, Emmanuel Macron had said that the Church will be built in five years. Schock-Werner stressed the importance of the French experts now in the documentation work. The be done but also: “It happens to be to God, with nothing in the heave-Ho.”