The European Parliament will vote today on the hotly disputed Reform of the EU copyright rules. The members should agree to the project, should it occur, before the European elections end of may.

The EU member States had approved the Reform in principle. For the Morning is recognized in the Parliament a debate on the topic.

negotiators of the Parliament and the EU member States had achieved in mid-February a compromise on copyright. The Protest in the end was, however, always greater. At the weekend tens of thousands in several German and other European cities were, in particular, article 13 on the road. The members could also decide to remove individual articles of the Reform. The EU would have to agree-States then.

Actually, the Reform is to adapt the antiquated Copyright to the Internet age and are creators for their content in the network, a better remuneration of secure. Critics argue that platforms like YouTube should verify, in accordance with article 13, in the future, during the Upload, whether the contents contain copyrighted Material. That is your opinion, only so-called Upload-Filter possible, in which the danger was that much more than is necessary will be sorted out. This will lead to censorship.

article 11 in addition, an ancillary copyright law for press publishers. After that, messages have to search engines like Google News for Displaying article snippets in the future, pay money to the publishers.