Brigitte Bierlein was always the first: in 1990, she is the first woman in the General office of the attorney General, the Supreme public Prosecutor’s office in Austria. In 1995, she has been involved as the first woman in the Association of Austrian public prosecutors, before 2018, the first President of the constitutional court. Now, she is doing pioneering work. Bierlein as the first Chancellor in the history of Austria. As interim party free Chancellor to lead the country until elections are held in the autumn of 2019 from the state of crisis.

Brigitte Bierlein put career

Chancellor’s fall and new elections

Why Austria this year, a Four-chancellors-year experience


Bierlein, on 25. June 1949 was born in Vienna, actually wanted to study art, began, but after graduating high school in 1967 and a law degree. She completed it in the minimum period of study in 1971 with a doctorate. What followed was a storybook career. In 1975 she made her first judgeship exam, and the judge was initially at the district court in the city of Vienna. From 1977 she worked as a Prosecutor, starting in 1986, the Vienna senior public Prosecutor’s office. From 1990 to 2002, she was General Prosecutor in the General Prosecutor’s office, the Supreme Prosecutor’s office of the Alpine Republic. Subsequently, to the constitutional court, where she was from 2003 to 2018, first Vice-President and then President followed.

Bierlein is considered to be conservative. The 69-are said to have Years of good contacts with the ÖVP and the FPÖ. Party politics was foreign to. “Politics and party politics are two things,” said Bierlein once, years ago. To the Former, they can’t, the Latter’s wool you never. It has proven to. The ÖVP-FPÖ government criticized you in the past on many issues: asylum, the headscarf debate, protection custody – are all topics in which Bierlein another Position occupied when the Right coalition under Sebastian Kurz.

In support of Green

When placing your order to the Vice-President of the constitutional court, there had been fierce protests on the part of the SPÖ. The then Chairman Josef Cap to handle you as a “stalwart Conservative”. When placing your order to the Chancellor of the SPÖ has no objections. Probably because Bierlein under turquoise-Blue has proven its independence proof.

the reactions to Bierlein showed as the new head of government. “Many thanks to Brigitte #Bierlein for their willingness to make themselves even stronger in the service of our country, such a thing is, of course,” tweeted Short. “Bierlein is a recognised lawyer and is impossible to prove in the selection of the transitional Cabinet, a good Hand,” said Greens chief Werner Kogler. The President of the economic chamber of Austria, Harald Mahrer, sees in the decision of the Federal President, “a clear Signal” for stability.

In the Austrian media, has been speculated that the SPÖ might agree to Boss, Pamela Rendi-Wagner, because as the first woman moves into the Chancellery. That Bierlein is Chancellor, had discussed the Federal President before the FPÖ-Chef Norbert Hofer and Ex-Chancellor Shortly. Your swearing is for the 3. June planned.